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    Three people are involved in this story: Max is a physicist from Moscow State University, Glenn is the leader of one of the ESA research teams and Evelynn is a software developer for robots from Houston. The interaction of the participants as a result of their casual acquaintance helps to solve the problem of landing the descent vehicle on the surface of Mars.

    Max recalled
    that time - the unity of all those who followed the mission of Ozetta and its completion - the soft landing of cometary scout Elijah on the body of the comet ...

    I did not participate in the project and I can only assume what feelings the members of the landing team experienced. From delight to despair ...
    When the spacecraft probe, after long months of waiting and hope, responded to the wake-up signal, their entire design party overexcited. The leader of the landing group, Glenn ran down the hall - It's waking up!

    Watching all this in space, I lit a cigarette, although it is impossible here in the university laboratory.
    Yes, the flurry of events over the past few years suddenly overshadows the memory of what burns so brightly in the brain - a day, two, a week. And then something new flashes. Experts and pseudo-scientific public, everyone — not with the mind so involved in the event with their hearts — has something in common with networks ... A year goes by and where are those emotions? Human nature does not allow with such volumes of information to empathize with everything that happens. Otherwise, Brain out (* 4).

    Glenn responded to Max's message by activating his own memory ...
    This physicist from Moscow State University, has become my counterpart recently. As usual in our time, we met in space. More precisely, I noticed him on one of the forums when discussing the physics of the landing process on Mars. And in general, as I understood, there is quite a lot of brain power (* 5) at a Russian university. Our department in the agency received funding for the development of the landing platform. So spin around here. The experience was successful, however, not with us - among Russians and Americans. And we prepared Eagle's mission together with the Russians on their means of delivery, with our system for launching and landing the research apparatus. Only now it turned out 'as always', as the Russians say.

    What happened to the landing probe, it became clear only a few years later, when we viewed images from the orbiter (* 6) launched by the ubiquitous Yankees. For them, it’s like the new Wild West, The Case for Mars (* 7) and so on.

    But the Russians had everything. They were able to gently plant probes even in those immemorial times when the world was set on the ears because of the ambitions of world competitors - Commi versus Yankee. Well, then, when the passions subsided, the Russian mission to Phobos started quite badly. I don't know who got fired there, but it's not difficult for me to imagine the emotions of developers, for whom all real life is in space. So I was once, having read Heinlein. He is a connoisseur of the real state of affairs, a naval officer, who, moreover, fought almost his whole life with a serious illness, is not just an inventor like Bradbury. Although Ray, of course, for the most part a philosopher.
    And such people as Russian Shklovsky and American Sagan, I put in the vanguard of cosmic progress.

    Just recently we had problems. The probe was able to land on a comet, but the place of commingering was shaded from solar radiation, and there was not enough energy to carry out the research program. What to do? The eternal question. Then I consulted the postdoc from MIT (* 9), they did research there and carried out calculations for this case.

    Evelynn Stolpner developed this topic, she proposed such a solution ... 'the womb' - the cometary orbiter gives part of what she has to her scion - to robocop. She has a construct from cellular aluminum, and the comet ejects water splashes ... Evelynn learned about a study conducted by the Russians. It was the oxidation of aluminum nanopowders with different dispersity by gaseous water obtained by the method of electric explosion of a wire ... MIT promptly checked this method and adjusted the operating parameters. So the components for the ignition of the flame were provided. And where the flame, there is a glow with radiation. So the probe batteries were recharged through photovoltaic panels in this “old-fashioned way”. The efficiency of this process of energy exchange is less than that of a steam locomotive. But the womb sacrificed itself

    Max flew US Airlines flight from Moscow
    In recent years, he has had problems, or rather, a dilemma has appeared. To be or not to be in Russian science. Although when they were - the best times in Russian science? On the website of the Big Eye Observatory in the Andes there were vacancies for astronomers. Max theoretically fit into this topic. But here - mom, and Russian girls are somehow closer, like 'my own shirt ...'. But what can you do here and now? Max traveled to cities and villages with lectures on Martian news - new research, discoveries, expeditions.

    The most real thing for today is an own startup, for example, such as the Lunar Microsatellite Project with the aim of shooting the landing site of the Apollo missions and lunar rovers. Yes, and the Chinese have become pressed. Their jade hares (* 11) they also send to the moon. But global partnership is not their topic. Celestial clearly seeks to become a sunflower without help. These are ancient traditions.

    In this year, on vacation, Max moved to Houston.


    After the post-doctoral, Evelyn had the option to stay at MIT,
    but she was drawn to Houston, she was engaged in robots, and there, in the space center, several copies of the Lenders (* 12) running on Mars were running.

    She used to go with her family - father, mother, elder sister and grandmother - to relocate from St. Petersburg to Canada for permanent residence. Father, an electronics engineer received an invitation to some company. But the family budget was not weakly replenished by the grandmother’s new pension.

    In class Lynn was the smallest. Because even that was younger than classmates for a few years. Back in Russia, at the Olympiad on Astronomy, Lynn defended her project ... She presented an original method for studying the subsurface composition of the Moon, above which a group of satellites hangs, examines it in various spectra. Then, promising zones are fired by probes using warheads decommissioned under a disarmament treaty between the world's main competitors of missiles, penetrating deep beneath the surface.
    But in Canada, Lynn was not looked at advancing development, as it was worth it. And she had to study in a class appropriate for her age.

    In Houston, at the presentation of new space startups, Lynn became interested in a lunar microsatellite project. So they met Max. And the satellite sent pictures from the landing site of Apollo 11 and Armstrong's tracks with Aldrin to the NASA robotics center on Lynn's birthday ...


    Glenn turned away from the screen with new messages from the global networks, reflexing ...
    I arrived in Houston to “spread out” about a European project for landing a research platform. We are not following in the footsteps of the conquerors of the "new Wild West", and there seems to be nothing to conquer. Although about Forward to Mars! and The Case for Mars (* 13) we also read. Dust, yes sand, stones. Overseas Lenders have been crawling on the dull relief for many years - they drill, take samples, take pictures ... And? Where is life? We will go another way. The neural networks of the brain of our roboplatform are trained to act by analogy, humanly. Like, that's another story. At first we will plant the laboratory created by us to Mars. And even then she herself will be able to deal with all the biomarkers there.

    Yes, this is my last attempt. And after all, you will have to leave the agency "for a well-deserved rest." All my resources here (I can knock, thank God, not on a piece of wood, on the head), which are. We need to create a self-learning, I’m not afraid of this word, “neural-like” landing system.

    Working like a human brain. Yes Yes. Only much better. Artificial neural networks are not likened to a living brain. Because the strict scientific theory of its functioning does not exist. Perhaps, only Jerry Fokkins, this walking symbiote of an IT specialist and a neurobiologist, suggested a simple and clear scheme for the structure of the human brain.

    Last time, we were unable to gently land our apparatus. The software failed, and everything covered up. Already then the American orbiter took off the landing site, more precisely, stickingplatforms. What am I going to do? I call on the network Max. These Russians know how to act in situations where everything seems to be lost. At the first spacewalk, their astronaut had to return aboard through the hatch, feet first (this is a bad omen). It didn’t work, the pressure suit opened up, and Alex in time trouble (limited air supply) made the right decision - he entered the hatch not according to the instructions, but head first. Well, Serge, when he worked on the American shuttle, did not goof, as the Russians say. Then they refused one of the electronic modules, and the instructions needed to wait for a replacement. Russian craftsman managed to eliminate the failure of improvised means.

    We study the experience of Russian and American space agencies. Here, for example, a Russian researcher accidentally turned his attention to an unusual effect — somehow he lit a cigarette, and the smoke above the installation with a rotating superconducting disk began to rise. And electronic scales showed a real, albeit a very small reduction in the weight of the weight hung over the disk. The topic was checked in this and other laboratories with various materials. Even NASA got interested in this. True, Russian physicists say: “And to hell with it, with this 'effect'. They will begin to discuss in scientific journals, even then we will sharpen our teeth for this. And then there are all sorts of fakes appear - about microwave-type gravitas and other. ”

    - Hi, Max!
    - ABOUT! Glenn, buddy!
    “When will you visit us in Noordwijk?”
    - Noordwijk OK, but in Amsterdam, I was not.
    - First of all in the Red Light District (* 14)?
    - Not without it. When does our platform start?
    - That's why I clicked on a closed connection.
    We can not fail the case again. We need intelligent algorithms.
    - No problem. Set the task.
    - This whole principle of duplication of systems will be stupidly applied with us. But the software crash cut off almost all allocations, and global management reshuffle will follow if we again drop the platform.

    - Evelynn, how is your weather in Houston? - Max contacted.
    - Russian winter has never come here.
    - I'll wait there in the evening.
    - Wow, what's the pressure? “Russians are coming ...” What are the fates?
    “You haven’t seen you for a whole month, only via satellite communication ...

    I understood that I missed Max, this red-bearded Russian“ devil. ”
    When we met, I told him, remembering Archimedes “give me a fulcrum and I will turn the Earth” - this is the Furiocity software code. Lean on it.

    Glenn and I didn’t have just a neural network gunner. And now access to this tool is. On the leander crawling under the stars and stripes.

    I was sure that Max would do it. How, I can only guess. The Furiocity neural network was built on the same principles as the landing program of the platform on which Lender sat on Martian soil.
    Our orbiter received a command from the Earth to descend the Lender ... The
    heat shield was shot off later than on the design cycle. The parachute opened, but its lines began to twist. Furiocity through the orbiter corrected the estimated landing site of the Lender and tracked the instantaneous descent altitude. The obtained parameters coincided with the data of the altimeter of the Lender. But the speed of descent is higher than calculated! You need to run the brake engines. And most importantly, change the characteristics of the jet exhaust.

    I did not have to leave the agency. Max did not return to Moscow. Evelynn came under an article on the distribution and transfer of proprietary information. However, when analyzing all the circumstances, it was decided to stop the investigation. Lander sent us a snapshot of Full-length Furiocity ...


    * 1 An exoplanet or extrasolar planet is a planet orbiting a star outside the solar system.
    * 2 Quantum gravity is a quantum description of gravitational interaction (and an attempt to combine gravity in this way with the other three fundamental interactions, that is, the construction of the so-called 'theory of everything').
    * 3 The subject of fuzzy logic is considered the study of reasoning in terms of fuzziness, fuzziness, similar to the reasoning in the usual sense, and their application in computer systems.
    * 4 Brain out - in free Russian translation “Brains are sideways”
    * 5 brain power - intellectual elite
    * 6 Orbiter - orbital research apparatus
    * 7 The Case for Mars - Robert Zubrin’s book
    * 8 Neue Ordnung - "New Order", the Nazi paradigm of rebuilding the world.
    * 9 MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    * 10 The European Space Research and Technology Center is located in Noordwijk (the Netherlands)
    * 11 Jade Bunny - the name of the Chinese lunar rover
    * 12 Lender - Research
    Planet Rover
    * 13 Friedrich Zander's motto and Robert Zubrin's book * 14 Red Light District - Famous District (Red Light District)

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