We are looking for speakers at the 10th DIY MITAP February 17, 2019


    New Year's holidays have passed, everyone has returned to work and study, and we are starting preparations for the tenth DIY-mitap. Today we begin accepting applications. If you want to speak, this post is for you. Details and form of recording under the cut.

    If you want to speak at the meeting as a speaker, please answer the questions in the form . If you have several topics, fill out the form several times, we will choose one, and other topics can be told on the following meetings. And yes, we already have regulars who plan to speak again :)

    We are waiting for your applications until January 27. Then we will contact the speakers, select the most interesting topics and publish the list of topics on February 1. After that, the speakers will have two weeks to prepare. According to the experience of previous meetings, we invite practically all registered speakers to speak, so if you want to speak, but you need more than two weeks to prepare, start preparing!

    If you missed the autumn mitap - it's time to watch the video:

    See more YouTube recordings on our YouTube channel . We also have a channel in Telegram , there we publish news and announcements from the world of DIY, join us!

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