VDS server in Amsterdam for 150 rubles / month


    In connection with the upgrade of equipment in our data center in Amsterdam, we decided to make a very favorable promotional tariff virtual server, which is excellent for the organization of small services, as well as VPN. The tariff remains at that price for an unlimited period. *


    1. The tariff is available for order for 1000 virtual machines, manage to order your mini-server before someone else has done it.
    2. * The tariff connected to the stock remains at that value for an unlimited period.

    Micro with accommodation in the Netherlands

    • 1 Intel Xeon v2 processor core
    • 768 megabytes of RAM
    • 10 gigabytes of disk space on enterprise SSD media

    150 rubles per month

    PS it is necessary to renew this tariff every month.

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