New devices and technologies from CES 2019 from Microsoft and partners

    Last week, the CES 2019 exhibition ended. We demonstrated partner solutions and innovations in the field of intelligent technologies, including modern personal computers, connected computing devices, powerful gaming computers, IoT solutions for retail, as well as new modules Azure Sphere and starter kits to help ensure the safety of billions of connected devices.

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    Microsoft news portal , along with a community of partners, provides intelligent cloud solutions and associated smart peripherals, helping customers manage their digital lives and achieve more. We also support the business by providing platforms, devices and solutions that enable us to enter a new era of productivity, creativity, simplicity and security.

    Modern PC

    We consider a personal computer to be the best intellectual device that has taken creativity and productivity to a new level, helping people to do more. Innovations associated with personal computers continue to stimulate the emergence of innovations in our lives, help to achieve an incredible level of performance and open up new opportunities for people related to cloud technologies.

    Modern PCs are elegant, fast, safe and durable, can run on battery for a long time and have a beautiful design in all price categories. Premium PCs such as HP Specter Folioand LG Gram 17 ″, combine elegant design with amazing battery life, are perfect for any task and offer the latest features, demonstrating the best features of Windows 10 (from the editors: information about the availability of all these devices in Russia will appear later).

    Acer Swift 7

    There are elegant 2-in-1 middle-class devices capable of long battery life, such as the Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS (Windows on Snapdragon) , and there are thin and light ones like the Acer Swift 7 laptop , which won't take up much space in the bag .

    We are also seeing an increase in the number of inexpensive laptops that are safe, easy to use with the Internet and without the Internet, great for work or play. If you need this option, look atASUS Vivobook 14/15 X412 / 512 or to Dell Inspiron 5482 2-in-1 , or to Samsung Notebook Flash .

    ASUS VivoBook 14

    You can get a powerful and productive computer that fully meets expectations of Windows, at the price that suits you.

    Communication anywhere

    Another innovative, rapidly growing trend is PCs that are constantly connected to the Internet. These devices will change your perception of computers, because they are always safe online and equipped with batteries for continuous day-to-day work so you can be even more productive.

    HP Specter x360

    Previously, LTE communications were considered a “pleasant addition”, but now more and more users see the benefits of constant communication with important people and projects - both at home and at work. The investments that Microsoft and its partners, such as Intel and Qualcomm, make in the area of ​​connected devices, transform work and life. We firmly believe that fast, affordable and ubiquitous connectivity to cellular networks LTE, and now 5G, will be the most important element that helps everyone to work on many different devices.

    The power of PC gaming

    Windows 10 is the largest PC gaming platform, and we continue to add new features to it for an incredibly deep immersion in games that are becoming more exciting. Our partners are innovating using these Windows features and releasing new, very powerful gaming computers with the latest generation of processors and video adapters, offering the gaming community an impressive speed.

    Samsung Notebook Odyssey

    With Windows 10, you get access to the latest gaming developments, including support for HDR screens and 4K, and now DirectX Raytracing technology, which has improved the quality of lighting, shadows and reflections. All this creates a completely new visual experience that you can get only on Windows 10 gaming platforms.

    In Windows 10 there is a game panel that allows you to record, broadcast and customize each game. This is a single control center where you can choose your preferred sound settings, record everything that happens on the screen and instantly stream the gameplay in the Mixer in real time. No additional software required.

    Lenovo Legion Y740

    At CES, partners, including ASUS, Acer, Dell and Lenovo, introduced gaming PCs with new Nvidia RTX 20 Series chips that support ray tracing. This amazing advancement in processor technology takes immersive games to a whole new level thanks to the capabilities of Windows 10.

    In addition, our partners, including ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI, offer thin and light PCs, traditionally focused on gamers, now also a new audience, including representatives of creative professions, who also need powerful processors and excellent graphics, to work with large images and video files without any problems.

    Internet of things

    The Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT) is another area in which there is a lot of innovation, and our partners offer new smart devices and cloud solutions demanded by customers. IoT is changing the way businesses work in enterprises, helping to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve service quality and make digital transformation of products and services. Customers also use connected IoT devices for different purposes. New devices and technologies based on IoT help users stay connected and be more productive in everything, be it fitness, household chores, shopping, finance, or any other area of ​​life.

    Microsoft is pleased to collaborate with the widest range of partners in the IoT ecosystem, including equipment manufacturers, solution providers and aggregators that help provide a variety of IoT solutions to companies and customers in various industries and areas of activity. Below are a few examples of what we demonstrated at CES.

    Retail Solutions

    Global retail trends point to a huge increase in the Internet of Things: 70% of retailers are planning to invest in IoT no later than 2021. We see that these investments increase the efficiency of retailers, create new ways of interacting with customers, both in the store and on the Internet, and also change the approach to personalization of purchases.

    For example, on these holidays I did not have to defend a single queue to buy gifts. I used applications on my mobile phone, such as SKIP for quick purchases, which we demonstrate at CES this year. Using SKIP, a customer can enter the store, scan any goods, pick them up and immediately leave the store. Payments will automatically be made to the SKIP customer account. Such simplified mobile payment solutions help retailers improve customer service and allow retail stores to focus on more important things.

    Changing not only the interaction with customers in stores. We also demonstrate the Mobiliya solution for tracking and monitoring facilities that uses low-cost RFID, sonar and Bluetooth-based IoT sensors to monitor objects inside and outside. This solution improves operational efficiency and transparency, simplifies supply chain management for both retailers and their suppliers.

    We also demonstrate the Genetec Retail Sense Video Analytics solution. This analytic solution, based on Microsoft Azure, allows retailers to use surveillance cameras they already have to track key retail indicators such as customer count, latency, heat maps, directional analysis, and employment. Using these data, store operators can make the necessary changes on the board, optimize the trading equipment, adjust staffing schedules and do much more, increasing the overall efficiency of interaction with customers.

    Connected cars

    The automotive industry is also introducing innovative smart devices. Several of our automotive partners, including ZF, LG Electronics (LGE) and the BMW Group, announced this week new solutions based on Azure and artificial intelligence from Microsoft.

    Security of connected devices

    At CES, it is clear that manufacturers are introducing IoT devices and solutions into a wide variety of products - from home appliances and health monitors to cars, toys and industrial equipment. Because these devices can work with or without a cloud connection, you need to take a holistic approach to security that covers cloud, hardware, and software.

    For example, Hampton Products International, the creator of the ARRAY By Hampton family of connected devices, chose the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud platform for its next generation smart devices and future developments for the Internet of things. Avnet, AI-Link and Seeed make it easy for customers to develop secure, connected devices with a microcontroller unit by providing an Azure Sphere starter kit and Azure Sphere modules. This will help protect the billions of microcontroller devices manufactured annually and make the devices we install in our homes more secure.

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