Conferences and hackathons for schoolchildren and students: 11 thematic events

    This is a collection of conferences and hackathons for bachelors, masters and young scientists. All of them will be held in St. Petersburg (or online) in the next couple of months.

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    1. Student track of the NTI Olympiad

    When: December 3, 2018 - January 15, 2019
    Where: online (final at university sites)

    Competitions among bachelor and IT specialists in six areas: aerospace systems, VR and AR, smart robotics, wireless communications, smart city and AI application systems. The last profile we are supervising is ITMO University.

    The first stage of the competition will be held on the online platform Stepik. The final will be held at the universities. Among the tasks will be practical cases, assessment of theoretical knowledge and teamwork skills. The winners of the Olympiad will have the opportunity to enter the magistracy of Russian universities without competition. The deadline for registration is January 15th.

    2. "IT-Planet 2018/19": XII International IT Olympiad

    When: December 13 - February 20
    Where: Online

    Olympiad for Russian-speaking students and young professionals no more than 25 years old from any country in the world. They offer to compete in seven categories : programming, cloud and database, telecommunications, mobile platforms, open source software and robotics, plus digital creativity and unlimited possibilities. The last two categories are related to design, 3D-modeling and projects aimed at solving the problems of mankind. Those who show the best results will go to the finals in Moscow in June.

    3. NTU Digital Art Competition

    When: December 17 - February 15
    Where: Online

    Nanyang Technological University (NTU) - the main technological university of Singapore - invites everyone (over 18) to take part in a digital art competition. The main prize is eighteen thousand dollars.

    Participants are invited to create an art work on the theme "Industry 4.0". There are the following nominations: 2D or 3D, animation, films and videos, painting and many others (fourteen categories are available). Works can be performed in any format and genre, most importantly, half of the project can be implemented using digital media. You can register for participation by filling out a Google-form before February 15 .

    4. JuniorUni scientific video contest

    When: December 26 - February 14
    Where: Online

    JuniorUni is a free educational project for teenagers, opened on the basis of the German Goethe-Institut. His task is to teach children robotics and in parallel instill in them a love for astronautics. Schoolchildren from the seventh to ninth grades are invited to the video contest.

    Participants need to make a five-minute video dedicated to robotics, astronautics, or natural sciences. However, the video must be in German. Finished works should be uploaded to YouTube, and the link should be sent to the organizers via the online form until February 14th . Prizes for the winners include German courses in Germany, film drones and iPads.

    In the photo: DIY-printer from a photo tour of our DIY-lab "Fablab"

    5. All-Russian Management Cup “Manage!”

    When: December 26 - February 10
    Where: online (semi-finals and final - full-time)

    This is a management competition that takes place in a business game format. Students from Russian universities of economic specialties aged from 18 to 25 are invited to participate. Prizes: internship in Hong Kong, grants for training in universities of the Russian Federation, as well as equipment and various merch. To take part, you need to register a team of 3-5 people until February 10 and go through the online selection on a special business simulator.

    6. UX-Marathon # 14: Designing Complex Systems

    When: January 24 What time
    : from 11:00 to 18:00
    Where: online

    UX specialists from domestic and international companies will conduct a series of lectures on testing complex software interfaces. Representatives of Rosbank, General Electric, SKB Kontur and UsabilityLab were announced among the speakers. They will share their personal development experience and tell you how to build complex interfaces, train users to work with applications, and analyze business data. Anyone can take part in the online conference.

    7. Modern technologies: an introductory course

    When: January 28 - May 31 What time:
    how much: from 10:00 to 18:00
    Where: online The

    online course of 15 lessons conducted by the Center for Robotization and Artificial Intelligence. The organization is engaged in the creation of RPA- algorithms and neural networks. The theme of the lessons: digitalization of the economy and changing business models. The company's specialists will talk about the tasks that are solved with the help of big data, machine learning and robotization. Analysis will be conducted on real cases of Russian companies.

    Lessons can be held at a convenient time. Specialists of the "Center" will check homework and give feedback. At the end of the course, all participants will receive a certificate and a baggage of practical and theoretical knowledge about trend developments.

    8. The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol: A Retrospective of Evolution or Future Call?

    When: January 30 - May 31 What time: at
    : check-in at 9:00, opening at 10:00
    Where: st. Lomonosova, 9, ITMO University, aud. 2219

    Conference on energy efficient solutions, which will be held at ITMO University. We will discuss cooling systems for data centers, “green” technologies, problems of climate change, as well as dive into thermodynamics and heat and mass transfer processes.

    Everyone is invited to participate. If you want to make a presentation on the topic, then write to e-mail Yuri Laptev. He is an employee of the low-temperature energy department of our University (applications are accepted until January 20). We will recommend all reports for publication in the sectoral publications: “Bulletin of the International Academy of Cold”, “Refrigeration equipment”, “Empire of Cold”, etc.

    9. ITMO Open Science - Science Day at ITMO University

    When: February 8th
    How much: 10:00 - 19:00
    Where: 29 lin. Vasilyevsky Island, 2, Erarta Museum

    This is a conference for scientists and science enthusiasts of the ITMO University. The meeting will be held within the walls of the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art . The teachers of our mega-faculties will present the best developments of the ITMO University in the form of electronic posters, share key achievements in the stand-up battle format and conduct an open interview on the theater stage. Afterwards, for all participants, a tour of the Erarta Museum is planned.

    10. International Internet of Things Forum

    When: February 21
    What time: 10:00 - 18:00
    Where: Str. Lodeynopolskaya, 5, PetroCongress

    This forum will be useful to those who work in the IoT industry and are interested in decisions on the topic. The event will be held in the format of the exhibition-conference: guests will learn the latest news from the world of the Internet of things, get acquainted with the latest developments and communicate with like-minded people. Startups will have the opportunity to present their product to potential investors and find business partners. All are welcome.

    11. BioHack Hackathon

    When: March 1 - 3 What time:
    how much: around the clock
    Where: st. Zastavskaya, d. 22, lit. And, MegaPark business center, EPAM

    Hackaton office for programmers, doctors, mathematicians and biologists. Participants must be undergraduate or undergraduate students, undergraduates, graduate students or young professionals. Project themes may be related to bioinformatics or related fields of science. Applications are accepted until February 11 .

    The competition will last 48 hours. The organizers will provide food, equipment and unlimited access to the site. The winning team will receive 100 thousand rubles. For the second and third places give 70 and 50 thousand.

    The event is conducted by an international software development company EPAM. In 2017, she got in the Forbes ranking as one of the 25 fastest growing technology companies.

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