On-board video of the processes of preparation and landing, as well as the panorama of the far side of the moon from Chang'e-4

    So the time has come when, in good quality and high resolution, you can admire the views of the far side of the moon.

    Chinese station Chang'e-4 continues to successfully perform engineering tasks.

    “This is a new contribution of mankind to the exploration of the Universe,” said Vice Premier of the State Council of China and Chief Economic Adviser to the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping Liu He, who attended the congratulatory ceremony at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center on Friday 11 January.

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    A new gift from the Chinese space travelers allows you to see the highlights of the difficult landing process of Chang'e-4 and show us the beauty of the far side of the moon.

    A video about the landing itself:
    "The Chinese station Chang'e-4" landed on the far side of the moon on Thursday, January 3, 2019:


    Landing elements that fit into the space flight 6 minutes on the video below:
    - preparing for landing (
    - making adjustments (actual position adjustment, platform rotation)
    - approching moon surface (approaching the lunar surface )
    - stopping to avoid obstacles (stopping to make additional adjustments to avoid actual obstacles on the surface)
    - descending at slow speed (descending to the surface at a low speed)
    - landing (landing and soft landing)

    Panorama of the Moon surface from Chang'e-4:

    Chinese MCC (Beijing Aerospace Control Center) in work (a very interesting watch program here from Chinese television about the Chang'e-4 mission):

    And a large-scale panoramic photo:


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