Users are not happy with the change in the algorithm for showing updates on Instagram

    Yesterday, in an official blog, Instagram announced a new algorithm for issuing updates in the feed. Now users will see photos not by publication date, but according to preference.

    The update will be rolled out gradually, over several months. The feed feed algorithm will be identical to the New Feed on Facebook.

    Gartner's vice president of consumer technology research, Brian Blau, says chronological reverse can be great if all your friends post exciting videos and photos. “But this is most likely not the case. You may have several friends who are prolific in publishing, some you would like to read less often, others all the time, ”says Blau. “They (Facebook) have a lot of good research on getting people involved.”
    According to Blau, the News Feed algorithm on Facebook is useful for both advertisers and users. “Understanding the resources available, the interests of users, the reason that led to the purchase - all these things are very important for the advertising business,” Blau says about Facebook. “Without this algorithm, there would be much less control. With an algorithm, they can fine tune everything. ”

    The news about the change in the issuance in the tape is rather sharply perceived by users.
    This is understandable - no one likes control. It is enough to recall the story in 2014, when Facebook conducted research without manipulating users , manipulating their emotional state.

    Instagram, of course, is also now shaping the flow of information with great regard for advertisers. But according to some users, the issuance of "interest" will not allow appearing in the tape to novice artists and entrepreneurs, with a small number of subscribers.

    You could see some vivid comments taken from the official blog page on Instagram as the text progressed. Translating some will be redundant.
    By the way, on Facebook, the news feed is configured to issue the "Latest" and "Popular". Perhaps there will be similar buttons on Instagram.

    Although Instagram has not yet implemented a new algorithm, it is a matter of time. Or maybe his marketers will heed the angry chorus of voices?

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