Sleight of hand and no fraud. Installing a skimmer on a terminal in a store in just 3 seconds

    It seems that the fraudster took advantage of something like this nozzle on the terminal.

    Technologies are now moving forward very quickly. This is noticeable in any field, including financial. In the vast majority of stores you can pay by card. With the same card, you can withdraw money from an ATM, or pay for a phone, or ... In general, there are many opportunities. But if an ordinary citizen is even more or less aware that an ATM can be with a skimmer, then few people know that such devices are created for payment terminals in stores.

    And this is so, and scammers are actively installing skimmers. This is done quietly and quickly. Recently, the camera of one of the stores in Miami Beach recorded a fast installation of a skimmer - it took the fraudster only three seconds to do everything about everything. Attackers worked in pairs: one - distracted the seller, sending him to buy in the far corner of the shop, the other - set the device.

    The video was uploaded to the Network by the regional police, which hopes for public assistance in identifying the identity of two scammers.

    Using skimmers is a traditional, one might say, way to take money from an ordinary person. And until now, this technology can be very effective, especially if the outlet still carries out transactions in the old way, without a new type of security systems and new standards such as EMV cards.

    Advice in this case may be normal - if you have incomprehensible payments in your account, you need to block your card and then contact the bank support service.

    Generally speaking, skimmers are used everywhere. ATMs, terminals - this is only part of the problem. Fraudsters come up with new ways to deceive the owners of bank accounts and cards. For example, last year they started installing skimmers on the doors of banks , with a credit card reader installed. Using such a reader, you can open the door during non-working hours of the bank to gain access to the ATM. Insert the card into the door receiver - and voila, the road is open. But during this time, the skimmer manages to read the information from the magnetic tape, after which the fraudster can only use this data. The camera for monitoring the PIN code set is installed indoors, near the ATM.

    It got to the point that scammers even set up fake ATMs, not skimmers. This also happened, but you can read about it here .

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