“Pyaterochka” to the table: beer “0101” - created by IBM Watson

    Welcome to the iCover Blog Pages ! If you are still for some reason skeptical about the capabilities of artificial intelligence, now, perhaps, you have a chance to change your attitude. The creation of beer, whose taste is close to "ideal", was taken by the IBM Watson AI , which had already shown its culinary talents . Of course, taste is an individual concept, and, nevertheless, attempts by a machine to approach a person in such a delicate matter as taste sensations deserve our attention.

    So, what is “Pyaterochka” from IBM Watson and how to create a unique variety of the world's first high-tech festive beer, we will tell in our today's publication.


    We’ll make a reservation right away that initially the idea of ​​creating beer using AI capabilities was associated with such a holiday as New Year, but the concepts fed to the machine when developing a new variety with minor amendments in the future can well be taken as the basis for compiling unique recipes for drinks and dishes on any holiday table.

    New Year's beer, as conceived by the authors of the idea from Havas Helia, It is simply obliged to instill optimism, traditionally associated with the "update" of our emotional firmware. To achieve this goal, the author of the idea decided to use the information collected on social media, thus identifying several thousand words used by communities in holiday greetings. Having systematized the collected data, he put them in correspondence with 24 emotional states. After that 38 positive emotions associated with the celebration of a particular celebration were identified. These included anticipation, amazement, condescension, generosity, happiness, joy, love, high spirits, etc.

    At the next stage, the data collected and systematized in this way were transferred to the processing of artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the capabilities of Alchemy technology were used, the copyright for which was acquired by IBM from AlchemyAPI . To get the result, IBM Watson, based on the initial parameters, analyzed the tastings and reviews available on professional resources and in the media, sorted through many possible ingredients and 2800 different beer recipes.

    The next step on the way to the goal was to compile on the basis of machine analysis the “one and only” recipe, which, according to the creators of the “0101” beer (that’s how they decided to name the new product), would have to bring its tasters the best holiday emotions. The solution to this crucial task was assigned to the Watson Personality Insights service , which made it possible to classify beer according to certain qualities, which, in his opinion, were associated with “assertiveness”, “intelligence”, “friendliness”, “optimism”, etc. As a result of processing, At this stage, 10 formulations were proposed.

    Further analysis of the obtained options and isolation of the common components from 10 compositions allowed us to obtain the expected “excellent result” - “high-tech” beer “0101”, and, translating from binary logic to decimal, the perfect “Pyaterochka”.

    The full recipe for the drink was quite complicated. The authors decided to keep the proportions and ingredients included in its composition a secret, sharing only the fact that it included two types of hops: Hallertauer - “a catalyst for emotions” and Nelson Sauvin, which aggravates the taster's sensations of decisiveness, optimism and vivid imagination. Honey also entered the composition, which should give the taste of Pyaterochka a charge of cheerfulness and love.

    A limited edition of 500 bottles was brewed at the small brewing company High Peak Brew. The choice fell precisely on her not by chance - beer produced at the plant’s facilities does not contain any artificial additives, and the technological process does not involve filtration. These advantages allowed us to get exactly the taste range that was as close as possible to the recommended IBM Watson.

    In a joke, the authors of the idea argue that the beer “0101” is a contender marking the beginning of an era, a time where the concepts: “food in general”, “fast food” and “snack on the go” will be missing by definition. Such an unproductive and even harmful pastime, in their opinion, will be replaced by an era of gourmets who can appreciate the superiority of food and drinks that turn life into a holiday. And help to achieve this goal, of course, artificial intelligence).

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    We will be healthy and, of course, do not forget to congratulate our intellectual soul mate, quarter, octopus on the Holiday!)

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