Netatmo Urban Weather Station. The first useful weather station

    The market for weather stations has existed for a long time, they were back in the late 90s, but recently interest in them has noticeably decreased. This is partly due to the proliferation of smartphones, another reason is the redundancy of weather station functions for many consumers. Therefore, they tried to add several features to their Netatmo gadget that make the device more interesting for a modern audience. The French company Netatmo was founded in 2011 and has already managed to become popular among those interested in the concept of “smart home”. Netatmo Gadgets ( Weather Station , Thermostat , Smart Camera

    for the home) have received various awards at CES many times over the course of several years. Today we decided to tell you about their weather station, as it compares favorably with most products of other companies.

    When talking about weather stations, a big clock immediately comes to my head, demonstrating not only time, but also the weather forecast at home or on the street. And no matter what the manufacturers of these gadgets say, users buy them not so much for measuring the weather, but as a desktop clock with cool additional functionality. The weather station from Netatmo is not aimed at these users, but rather at weather geeks who want to have the most detailed information about temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 level and be able to compare these data for different periods of time - apparently that's why there is no separate display with a clock . On the other hand, sometimes it’s not so easy for an ordinary user to understand geek devices: they don’t always have a user-friendly interface, so a simple consumer usually bypasses them.

    The weather station comes in a large beautiful box, and you can not pack this in a separate gift paper. The first thing you immediately pay attention to when you get acquainted with the station is its modern appearance. The futuristic design of the gadget is somewhat reminiscent of Apple's technology, the case is apparently in a cylindrical aluminum case, which in the manner of execution is very similar to the devices of the apple company. At the same time, the appearance of the weather station is universal, it will look great both in a modern own apartment and in an old rented housing without repair.

    The first station setup is carried out using a special application from Netatmo, which is available on Android , iOS or Windows Phone. To pair, you need to connect (via Bluetooth) the gadget to your laptop, smartphone or iPad, and then continue to configure the application. The program offers a fairly detailed step-by-step instruction, which also includes connecting the device to Wi-Fi. During setup, the main module glows in different colors, although it is not immediately clear that anything in it may glow.

    After completing the setup, you will need to hang an external module (the smaller of the two cylinders) on the street. The manufacturer has already put in a kit a set of a screw and a special Velcro for mounting the module outside the window.

    Netatmo reminds you not to leave the device in direct sunlight or rain and offer to protect it with a separate visor. Before installing, do not forget to insert two AAA batteries, which are also included. Do not worry about autonomy - the manufacturer promises up to six months of autonomous operation of the sensor from one set of batteries.

    The main module is powered by the network, the kit comes with a USB cable and a USB adapter with several plugs.

    In the photographs, both the main and additional modules look quite large, in fact they are much more compact, since their height is only 155 and 105 mm, respectively.

    By default, all readings are measured every five minutes to force a double-tap information on the upper part of the main module housing to be updated.

    In addition to temperature, the station allows you to measure the level of CO2 in the room, the level of noise and pressure. And the external module measures the quality and humidity of the air, as well as the perceived temperature (it is just affected by humidity).

    There is an LED indicator in the main cylinder, it lights up red when the CO2 level becomes high, yellow, if the air quality can be improved and changes its color to green, after the CO2 value returns to normal. This is a simple and convenient reminder that it is time to ventilate the room or vice versa to close the window.

    An interesting scenario for using a noise measurement sensor: an assessment of noisy neighbors and a clear demonstration by them that the norms regulated by law have been exceeded.

    In addition to the current temperature, the weather station is able to predict the forecast for the next day, and does it quite accurately. The traditional forecast for the week is also available, but from third-party suppliers.

    The presence of a separate application for all popular platforms (and even a web-interface) allows you to monitor the temperature of the house and the street even remotely. So the integration of the gadget with some kind of smart air conditioner or humidifier suggests itself, which will automatically turn on when the peak values ​​of a particular indicator are reached.

    Fans of statistics will love the graphs from Netatmo, showing visual information on any parameter: whether it is air temperature, humidity level or CO2 value. As we already wrote, in the automatic mode, the weather station takes measurements every five minutes, as a result you get a very detailed schedule, which can be reviewed at any time to check when exactly the CO2 level began to deteriorate or the neighbors began to make noise. Having accumulated data for a certain time, you can better understand which days you should air the room more often, and when there is no problem with it.

    The system can be scaled - optionally you can buy indoor modules for other rooms, or even additional measuring accessories: a module for measuring wind speedand the level of precipitation (rain), which can come in handy for those who carefully monitor their beds and plants :)

    You can use your Netatmo module in the global map so that any user can find out the current data in one point or another on the planet (where the sensor is installed). You can accordingly do the same.

    For those who want to check the web version of the application there is a separate demo page that clearly shows all the graphs from Netatmo. There is also a separate demo zone in the application, which is available without registration.

    Although the station was first introduced at CES 2013, the manufacturer was not too lazy to work on its application, for example, the current version for iOS looks great even on the displays of the latest iPhones, although not all developers are engaged in such optimization.

    Netatmo apps support various notifications that you can customize to your taste. For example, for someone, a message about a critically high level of CO2 will become relevant, someone else will prefer to know about insufficient humidity in the apartment, and for some, information about a rise in temperature or pressure to a certain limit will be important. The beauty of the station is that the notification conditions are set by the user, so the company does not limit the consumer to several hard-set presets.

    Retail Netatmo Urban Weather Station Kitsold for 13,990 rubles - of course, such a price can scare away some buyers, but it is important to understand that this is not an ordinary remote thermometer, but a beautiful accessory with a separate functional application, statistics on all parameters from temperature to CO2 values ​​and remote monitoring of these data.

    Speaking about devices for environmental control, we can not help but mention the Lapka sensor kit , a review of which was on our blog last year. Thanks for attention!


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