French startup demonstrates light connection: LiFi is 100 times faster than WiFi


    At the latest mobile fair, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​French startup Oledcomm demonstrated the capabilities of Li-Fi technology - wireless transmission of information using light. The developers claim that the speed of Li-Fi is 100 times higher than the speed available with Wi-Fi devices.

    The developers also said that in the laboratory, the maximum transfer rate was 200 Gbps - as the founder and CEO of Oledcomm, Suat Topsu, said “23 DVDs per second”.

    The company representative explained that LED bulbs are used to transmit information, which quickly flash and encode data in this way. According to Topsu, this system is "the digital equivalent of Morse code."

    The technology withdrew from laboratories in 2015 and went through testing stages in various public places, including museums and shopping centers. Philips is reportedly interested in technology (Philips produces a line of smart LED bulbs and Hue controllers ), and Apple may even use it in the new iPhone 7.

    The creators of the technology claim that Li-Fi will help replace Wi-Fi in due to the limitations of the latter on the number of simultaneously connected devices and the lack of radio frequencies.

    The advantage of Li-Fi is the ability to transmit data in a directional beam, which eliminates the possibility of interception. The disadvantages are the need for direct visibility of the transmitter and the inability to transmit data through obstacles such as walls.

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