Elon Musk got Tesla.com domain after 10 years of waiting

    The company Ilona Mask Tesla Motors received at its disposal the domain Tesla.com from its previous owner. This domain was registered back in 1992 by Silicon Valley engineer Stu Grossman, and has not been used for about 24 years. The engineer is a fan of Nikola Tesla, but for some reason the site on the domain decided not to post. Currently, a redirect to the official domain of Teslamotors.com Mask is already installed from the Tesla.com domain.

    Musk for a long time tried to negotiate with the previous owner of the domain on renewal. Last year, when Ilona Mask was asked if he was going to change the name of the company from Tesla Motors to Tesla (after all, it already produces not only electric motors and electric cars, but also battery systems for home and production), the businessman replied no, because there is problems with the domain.

    Now the company has wider opportunities on the Web, which appeared with the receipt of a new domain name.

    It is not yet clear why Grossman decided to transfer the domain. As mentioned above, the engineer is a fan of Nikola Tesla, and kept the domain for personal use. 10 years ago Tesla Industries Inc. I tried to challenge the legitimacy of owning a Grossman domain, but nothing came of it.

    So far, the engineer has not commented on the current situation, but let's hope the situation clears up. Whether Musk paid for the domain or not is unknown.

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