eBlocker: Anonymity as a sought after product. Anonymizer blocker is about to collect half a million Euro on Kickstarter

    More than successful campaign results show how tired the users are of the recently used ways of Internet marketing.
    So much so that they are ready to pay a serious enough amount for this kind of device: from 129 Euro now, while the device is funded on Kickstarter.


    After the end of the fundraising program, they plan to sell the device for 199 Euro in the usual version and 249 in the “family” one (where the creation of several user profiles and the parental control function will be added)

    Interestingly, eBlocker is based on the Banana Pi M2 board, with a retail price of about $ 50 and Linux. But, as you can see, a device ready to work out of the box can be sold at a much higher price than the hardware, the case and the software are individually.

    So how did eBlocker appeal to so many sponsors?

    The creators of the device focus mainly on saving consumers from advertising and tracking their activity on the Internet. The following situations are highlighted as main examples:


    And, judging by the fact that almost 2500 people have become sponsors of the project, these are the threats that scare modern users.

    Despite the fact that such tasks can be easily solved by software methods, free of charge, and spending not so much time on it, it seems that people are attracted by the ability to “just turn it on and forget”

    Perhaps now we are witnessing the birth of a new market for consumer devices - anonymous blockers, working out of the box, costing tangible money, and requiring nothing from users other than connecting to an outlet and cable.

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