Mini-Jack, nice to meet you

    Welcome to iCover Blog ! You can’t argue that multifunctionality is one of the priorities declared when developing models of modern mobile devices. But, despite the progress made in this direction, the good old audio jack present in the vast majority of smartphones is still most often traditionally used for its intended purpose - to connect a headset and listen to music and audio books. Perhaps not everyone is aware that the mini-jack has other application possibilities that may be very useful for us.


    Double the possibilities

    The first, easiest way to expand the capabilities of the audio jack is to double its efficiency by connecting an external splitter. This option will allow you to listen to audio or watch a movie at once for two users, “equipped” with personal sets of headphones.

    The solution shown in the illustration is as compact as possible. At the same time, the rigidity of the monolithic structure requires special care and a certain skill in handling from the user.

    As a safer and more comfortable option, a splitter with a short connecting wire can be used.

    Button - IR adapter

    The return to the somewhat "retired" infrared technology used in many new smartphone models to control home electronics was perceived ambiguously. And what about the owners of those models in which an IR transmitter is not provided initially, but there is still no possibility to change the device? For them, engineers came up with compact universal IR adapters that are inserted just into the audio jack of a smartphone on Android or iOS. And in order for such an adapter to come to life and allow using your device to comfortably control almost any home electronics and household appliances, it is enough to download and install a special companion application for the OS used on the smartphone. The range of the useful signal of budget IR adapters is, on average, 9-12m.

    Smart buttons

    Another option for the useful use of the audio jack is instant access and activation of some frequently used functions or capabilities of the device - a voice recorder, a flashlight, or, for example, a tablet camera that does not provide a separate mechanical button for releasing the shutter. In such and similar cases, a simple and convenient way out of the situation will be a smart button (smart key), inserted into a mini-jack and activating a priority function at the right time with one click.

    When buying a smart button model, pay attention to the compatibility requirements with your device. After installing and customizing the corresponding application, everything is ready for operation. Feel free to insert the button into the socket and use it when necessary.

    Removable LED flash

    Fans of midnight and nightly Selfie with the help of mobile gadgets will surely need a flash. But it may be absent from the device by definition, or at least on its front panel. The way out will be a miniature detachable LED flash, inserted into the audio jack of the device as necessary.

    One of the advantages of this solution is that the flash works from its own built-in battery and does not consume the battery of the main device. At the same time, the low power consumption of the LED flash allows you not only to take pictures from the bottom of your heart, but also to replenish your home video collection.

    For a symbolic price, today you can choose a stylish, compact and efficient model with the ability to adjust the brightness level, without any problems and discomfort to carry it in your jacket, purse or bag pocket.

    Decoration + Protection

    Despite the absence of any kind of “intellectual” load, a button inserted into the audio output jack of a smartphone or tablet will perfectly cope with the responsible mission of protecting the connector from dust.

    Representatives of the fair sex will be able to pick up a miniature button with a rhinestone or jewelry, and will gladly accept this elegant accessory as an original and, albeit not archidorogous, but certainly a useful and successful gift.

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