Fobo tire - car tire pressure monitoring device

    I had some problems on old winter tires. Once a week, stably, it was necessary to pump one of the wheels, at the same time I checked the rest, and as a rule one more pumped slightly. When I skipped this ritual, then in a couple of weeks there was already a lower pressure in that problem wheel. It seems like they needed to be dealt with, but on the other hand, once a week you pump up normally. Well, since I got used to various technical solutions to many issues, I became interested in what kind of devices allow you to monitor tire pressure without the direct involvement of a person.
    Unfortunately, many of them required installation inside the chamber, which led to disassembly of the wheel and therefore additional expenses. I did not hear about devices installed without disassembling, until Fobo Tire fell into my hands.

    Ok, nice box, what are you hiding inside yourself?

    As you can see here in separate niches:

    • detailed instruction in Russian with color illustrations
    • device central unit
    • four cap sensors on nipples
    • six tightening bolts
    • two keys for tightening
    • as well as a self-adhesive Velcro Velcro
    • and a ring for carrying a lingering key with you
    • a bonus is a branded cloth for wiping the smartphone screen

    The batteries are already all in place, all that remains is to remove the safety plates and activate the device with sensors. But before that, we go to the market and download the necessary application: Fobo Tire

    There are no problems with the installation, we launch the downloaded application and see the field for entering your e-mail .

    The principle of authorization is interesting here. Enter your mail and then confirm it through the link to the mailbox sent to you. The application, as it were, is insured and the activation request spends 2 times. Here you need to be careful and if you thought that the letter did not go through and entered another email a second time, then the activation link will need to be clicked there and there.

    In general, with the activation and possible incomprehensible moments sorted out, go to the setup - create a car profile. When creating a profile, the program asks to activate the central device and turn on Bluetooth.

    Immediately set the pressure in the front and rear tires, write the name of the car and its photo. With photography, it’s somehow strange, for some reason you can’t select a photo from the gallery, but they offer only to photograph it. Well, OK. I’m taking pictures from the tablet screen :)

    There are several cars you can add, it’s convenient for someone who has their whole fleet and often have to monitor the tire pressure :) The

    central unit is activated, go to the sensors. The program itself asks you to activate the sensors in a certain order, starting from the front right in the direction of travel.

    Speaking of sensors. They are moisture resistant with good silicone gasket under the thread. Moisture and dust do not get inside. The only question is vandal resistance. It is clear that in addition to the sensor, you need to have a central device, but "our" person has always liked to screw up what is bad. And here is an interesting question, how does Fobo Tire resist theft of sensors?

    And all the salt here in a certain way and locknut. We remove the cap from the nipple and screw the lock nut to the stop. Screw the protrusion down. Then we wind the sensor, just as far as it will go and tighten it with a nut, helping with a key. By the way, after such a tightening, having traveled a bit, even with a complete key it is difficult to remove this sensor, and it will be all the more unrealistic to unscrew it.
    It turned out on stamped disks that the sensor sticks out quite strongly, this will not happen on summer disks, there the nipple is recessed deeper inward. A black cap will be better in harmony with black discs.

    After the sensor is put in place, we activate it in the application, for which we touch it with a smartphone.
    This procedure needs to be done with all four sensors, if you wish, you can still hang this on the spare wheel (there is an additional item in the program menu).

    Upon completion of all procedures, we get such a picture. The application displays the pressure and temperature on each wheel.

    In the sensor settings, you can set the time interval for polling sensors. The longer the interval, the longer the battery life. In the sensors are the usual CR2032.

    When you click on the settings button in the program, it is possible to untie the device, add or remove a sensor, as well as the authors have not forgotten about the opportunity to advertise themselves, you can send a link to Fobo to friends.

    PS The application hangs in the phone’s memory and, in principle, is not deleted from there. However, from, for example, Cogiti Fit, it can be unloaded by clicking the "Disable" button, it seems to me a plus, to give the user the opportunity to unload an application that is not currently in use.

    If the tire pressure monitor is interested, then you can buy it here: Fobo Tire

    PSI read the comments, but perhaps I did not write about the pros and cons of this system in more detail. Now the picture is as follows. The price seems high, but the same Fobo Tire at the current rate abroad costs 30% more. In general, when compared with embedded systems that hide in the wheel, then hidden sensors come out several times more expensive + again, you need a receiver. If the machine does not have an integrated receiver of a signal from pressure sensors, then you need to buy or change brains or an additional receiver. The disadvantage of hidden sensors is that you need to disassemble the wheel and the battery there either not to change or it is difficult to do this, you will have to disassemble the non-separable sensor case. But as a plus it is that such a system is invisible. Balancing is needed in both cases.
    There is an ultra-cheap solution with a transparent cap and a pressure scale inside, but I read the reviews of people who wrote that they poison the air, the quality is Chinese, how anyone is lucky in general. Again, the caps do not provide dynamic information, this is only a marker before and after the trip.
    So, in principle, the Fobo Tire system has found its niche, now the main thing is that the price does not go up after the course, then in Russia its purchase will be profitable.

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