Microsoft opens Chakra

    Gaurav Seth talks about ChakraCore

    No, Microsoft does not work with “sacred knowledge”, whatever it is. It's about another - the corporation plans to publish the key elements of the Chakra JavaScript engine on GitHub, under the MIT license. Earlier this was said informally, the company made an official statement about this on December 5 at the JSConf conference.

    The original name Chakra, the developers of the corporation chose for JavaScript-technology, originally created for Internet Explorer 9. The engine is also used in the new version of Internet Explorer, plus the Edge browser. In addition, the engine works in services such as Cortana,, Azure DocumentDB and TypeScript.

    Once the engine code is open, Chakra will be widely used by the Open Source community. In any case, representatives of Microsoft Corporation say so. In addition to independent developers, such giants as Intel, AMD and NodeSource showed interest in Chakra.

    The Chakra engine was first introduced in 2008, and since then its popularity has only been growing - cloud services, IoT, and large web resources work with Chakra. For developers, ChakraCore, a JavaScript virtual machine that can be integrated into various products and applications, will be opened.

    ChakraCore will include JIT, a syntax analyzer, an interpreter, and more. Microsoft hopes that opening the product code will make it even more universal in the future than now.

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