“There's a guy in Ohio to whom you can still send a fax.”

    Toyota seems to have decided to grab the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, using the date in its various marketing activities. The last effort is the short film “Marty and the Dock at the Diner” (Diner), in which older heroes talk about which of the film’s predictions have come true these days. The film will be released completely, for obvious reasons, on October 21, but for now a small excerpt from it (with subtitles):

    Dock was an old one 30 years ago, but Marty ... yes

    Last time Toyota marked the creation of a Lexus hoverboard , working, however, only on specially prepared surfaces.

    PS If suddenly the question “What happened with Marty” arose - the answer to the letter “p” .

    UPDATE The video came out in its entirety, but the most interesting part was in the passage above. The remaining 4 minutes are just an advertisement for Toyota:


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