China plans to land on the far side of the moon

    In an interview with the Chinese CCTV channel, a representative of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zou Yongliao said that until 2020 a lander will be sent to the far side of the moon. If successful, it will be the first landing on the reverse side in the history of mankind.


    The Chang'e-4 mission is planned until 2020 and its goal is to study the geological conditions on the uncharted side of the moon. It is assumed that Chang'e-4, like its predecessor, Chang'e-3, will have a small moon rover. In the future, research on the back side (a radio-frequency spectrograph can be installed on the lunar rover) can lead to the placement of a radio telescope there, which will help scientists “fill the void” in human knowledge of the Universe. It is believed that radio signals from the Earth are not capable of interfering with a receiver located on the far side of the moon, which makes this place ideal for hosting a radio astronomy observatory.


    In 2017, China will try to repeat the Soviet missions of automatic stations that delivered samples of lunar soil. China will be the third country after the United States and the USSR to deliver soil samples from the Moon to Earth.

    China plans to land lunar probe on far side of moon

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