Elon Musk believes that terraforming Mars should be thermonuclear bombs

    According to entrepreneur Ilon Mask, the head of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and others, the best and fastest way to terraform Mars is to use several thermonuclear charges detonated in certain regions. After such an offer, the host of one of the shows, where Musk expressed such an opinion, called the entrepreneur "super-villain." Of course, in jest.

    In response, Musk said that he is trying to do useful things, and the terraforming of Mars is one of them. Speaking at “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Musk talked about space travel and the possibilities of colonizing Mars. Calling Mars inhospitable, Musk proposed two ways of terraforming. The first is the creation of the greenhouse effect by releasing the corresponding gases into the planet’s atmosphere, and the second is the use of thermonuclear charges.

    The first way, according to Mask, will take too much time. But undermining thermonuclear charges is a much faster way. Plus, there is also such an option as the settlement of the Red Planet with microbes - it can be combined with any of the proposed methods.

    Musk says that Mars is a planet that needs to be repaired. First, you will need to live under the domes, but after a while it is quite possible to carry out the terraforming of Mars. It is worth recalling that before the end of the year, the entrepreneur is going to show a prototype of the Mars Colonial Transporter, as well as a spacesuit that can be used to colonize the Red Planet.

    Let me remind you, now there is a theorythat Mars was never warm and wet at the same time. Even if the atmosphere of Mars was indeed much denser than now, most of it was lost by the time the network of valleys and rivers formed. At this time, the atmosphere was still dense enough to support the existence of liquid water, but this era cannot be called warm. Most likely, most of Mars was covered not with lakes, but with ice, with periodic snowfalls instead of rain. And with a slight increase in temperature, this ice melted, followed by the appearance of a large amount of liquid water, forming valleys. After a while, all this could freeze again.

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