Top 15 European fintech. startups 2015

Original author: Thomas Ohr
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Over the past ten years, a number of successful fintech companies have appeared in Europe, proposing new principles for making payments and transferring money to other countries - among them are Klarna , Adyen or Transferwise . New and unexpected concepts have allowed them to become one of the most valuable in just a few years. European companies.

The financial and technological sector is booming, the summer is in full swing - it's time to take a look at the hottest financial and technological startups of 2015. We have chosen the most promising projects not older than 3-4 years, which will surely join the next wave of companies changing the European fintech sector. So here they are:

Founded in 2012 in London, Azimo arose as a result of the fact that its creators were dissatisfied with the state of the money transfer industry. I had to spend a lot of money in vain, endure a lot of unnecessary trouble and feel indifference to myself as to clients. As a result, the idea came up to offer people an easier way to transfer money abroad. Yes, the founders of Azimo could just use Transferwise, founded two years earlier, but they decided to compete with both Transferwise itself and the “traditional” banks - financial service providers. At the moment, the Azimo team has already raised $ 31.6 million in venture capital.

A peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform, which is faced with the task of making it possible for anyone in the whole world to lend money and borrow. Small businesses, for example, companies that sell goods on Ebay and need to finance their working capital or fixed assets, can register a loan application with Bitbond by passing a credit history check. Loans are funded both by individual lenders and organizations that receive interest on their bitcoins. By transforming Bitcoin into a technology for the payment system, Bitbond aims to become the first global lending institution for small business loans. Now this startup, based in Berlin in 2013, has raised about $ 940,000 in start-up capital.

The company has been operating since 2012 and intends to become the main provider of solutions for electronic wallets, serving organizations' payments, cards (credit and debit), discounts on goods and services, as well as special offers. All operations can be controlled from a smartphone. Cashcloud mobile e-wallet solutions allow users to make payments quickly and reliably using devices based on iOS or Android. Now this company from Luxembourg has raised about 3.3 million venture capital.

One application. Any bank. Numbrs combines all your bank accounts into one simple application. It analyzes your current expenses and transactions to calculate future income and expenses. The application also allows you to transfer money, while Numbrs saves data on all your financial transactions, so you can send money with one click. The company was founded in 2012 in Zurich and now has venture capital of $ 11.5 million.

This is a London-based company that developed the Onescan multi-channel application. It allows merchants to make mobile payments online and in offline stores, and also offers tools for login, authentication and verification of identity through a mobile phone. Onescan gives people the opportunity to buy their favorite product in less than 10 seconds. The company was founded in 2012 and currently owns approximately $ 6.6 million in venture capital.

Founded in 2012, Judo Payments provides mobile payment solutions to merchants, allowing them to watch out for potential buyers. Judo products include integrated card payments and tools for creating individual mobile payment systems for third parties. The company makes working with credit and debit cards easy, allowing customers to save on commissions. Now the venture capital of a London company is about $ 14.3 million.

An online financial company that provides quick and easy access to online loans from both computers and mobile devices. This startup, located in Hamburg, also provides real-time credit assessment technology by analyzing the particular values ​​of the loan applications people use. Kreditech was founded in 2012 and has more than $ 8 million of venture capital from large investors, as well as more than $ 250 million of raised capital.

Founded in 2013, Lendico is a transparent marketplace for loans. By allowing borrowers and investors to communicate directly with each other online, a startup eliminates the additional costs of traditional banking: the savings go directly to customers. Lendico also conducts quality control of loan projects and coordinates transactions. Berlin-based Lendico received € 20 million from investors earlier this year, including Rocket Internet, Access Industries and HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.

A single digital banking service that enables users to instantly open an account and service utility bills. The company helps expats open service accounts or debit cards, and also make payments with a low commission. Monese relies on cloud technology to remove some of the barriers that traditional banking systems have established. This startup was founded in London in 2013 and now has $ 1.8 million in venture capital.

This is a Berlin financial and technological startup, founded in 2013 and set the task to change the traditional banking sector and how people spend, save and send money. NUMBER26 talks about itself as the most advanced banking method in Europe, combining a familiar bank account with an intuitive application available online and from mobile devices. Currently, NUMBER26 has raised $ 12.7 million in venture capital.

The main product of Osper, founded in London in 2012, is prepaid debit cards, and the main service is mobile banking, which allows young people to take their money responsibly and develop good financial habits from a young age. A prepaid debit card and a simple mobile application are offered as the first card. All Osper funds are protected by a second-tier European bank. The application works on both iOS and Android devices. Osper has $ 11.2 million in venture capital financing.

Payment solution intended for small and medium enterprises, as well as freelancers. It provides an opportunity to conduct economic activities and offer services to consumers. SetPay's goal is to provide users with tools for payments, increasing customer loyalty, and for announcing offers and products. Founded in 2012 and located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), SetPay now attracts investments of $ 500,000, and the company itself is estimated at $ 2 million.

Founded in 2014, Spotcap was the first startup company to offer online loans to small businesses in Spain. Now this young fintech company is already operating in the Netherlands and Australia. Spotcap is headquartered in Berlin, with local offices in Madrid, Amsterdam and London. With the support of Rocket Internet, Spotcap raised more than 13 million euros of venture capital and about 5 million euros raised.

Frankfurt startup, whose leaders decided to find a new way for businesses to pay and receive payment using the world's first dynamic B2B payment platform. Traxpay's proprietary cloud platform combines reliable real-time electronic payments with all structured and unstructured data associated with any specific transaction. Traxpay was founded in 2009, but remained in the shadows until 2012. Now the company has about 19 million dollars of venture capital, and its main shareholder in September 2014, the main incubator is Commerzbank and Software AG.

An application that facilitates mobile payments and helps maintain customer loyalty. The London development team created it in 2012, guided by the main criterion: to offer what is most important to customers and retailers. Yoyo customers can take advantage of online payment processing and high security standards. For merchants, Yoyo offers integrated tools for targeting the right customer segments, increasing sales and turnover, and improving customer experience. Yoyo currently has $ 15 million in venture capital.

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