6 main threats from increased use of multicopter

    As part of the weekly technical environment at Garagelab , possible amendments to the air code and the main threats posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

    were discussed by Designer Ilya Makarov, 6 points were highlighted:

    1. Fall hazard
    Many UAVs carry a payload and weigh more than 10 kg. In the event of a fall, significant damage can be caused to both a person and property.

    2. Threat to air transport
    Flight of copters in the areas where aerodromes are located is a danger to aircraft taking off and landing.

    3. Conditional anonymity
    After the copter took off, determining the owner of the copter becomes difficult. Especially, given the fact that it can be controlled without visual contact. This gives rise to many possibilities for committing unlawful acts - from photographing classified objects to smuggling.

    4. Invasion of privacy
    Tracking and peeping is now much easier than before, not to mention a simple violation of the boundaries of private property. Many conflicts began to be born on this basis.

    5. The possibility of terrorist attacks
    As a continuation of the anonymity factor, it is worth noting a huge many ways to carry out terrorist attacks using UAVs. While there are no serious examples and, we hope, will not appear. On this subject, we can recall the case when a quadrocopter with a bottle emitting radiation was put on the roof of the residence of the Prime Minister of Japan.

    6. Danger of batteries during transportation
    Copters mainly use lithium-ion batteries; cases of their ignition are known. One of the most remarkable when during the flight of an airplane in hand luggage a copter battery of one well-known brand ignited.

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