The Public Chamber discussed the proposal to ban the registration of more than 10 mobile numbers per subscriber

    Once again, looking at the most authoritative resource of Runet , I again noticed interesting news.

    There is no particular desire to rewrite and retell sources ( one , two ) - everything seems to be so clear.

    1. Uncontrolled distribution of SIM cards is terrible!

    1.1. Now the numbers are sold and bought in whole bundles:
    operators freely sell to citizens pools of mobile numbers - sometimes at a thousand numbers per person

    1.2. They are usually bought by spammers and scammers:
    usually buy such packages either for promotional mailings or for fraud

    1.2.1. Fraudsters steal money in the traditional ways:
    when attackers transfer money from a bank account directly to a mobile operator’s account, and then immediately withdraw it - for example, through electronic wallets or withdraw it from an ATM (many banks have the option to withdraw money from a card on a mobile account), stop fraud virtually unrealistic

    1.2.2. And also show generosity and ingenuity:
    in crowded crossings near metro stations in Moscow, visitors are often given out free cards - these “SIM cards” are registered for individuals who withdraw funds from the card as soon as the victim replenishes the balance

    2. It's time, it's time to put things in order in this area.

    2.1. Ten numbers are enough for everyone:
    at the meeting, it was tentatively decided that each citizen can have no more than 10 mobile numbers - in total for all operators

    2.2. At least honest people will have enough for sure:
    It’s hard to imagine a portrait of a conscientious customer who needs over 10 cell numbers, so you probably don’t have to talk about a violation of consumer rights in this situation

    3. By the way, we are not the first.

    3.1. China:
    last year introduced a requirement for sellers to personify buyers

    3.2. Germany:
    You can buy no more than two SIM-cards per quarter

    3.3. Some countries :
    compulsory fingerprinting of phone owners

    4. But not everyone agrees with the Public Chamber!

    4.1. Ministry of Economic Development:
    the novation, according to the ministry, will not allow to comprehensively solve the problem of fraud, since the problem of illegal sale of cards has not been completely

    4.2. Ministry of Communications:
    A citizen of Russia has the right to have as many SIM cards as he wants, this is guaranteed by the Civil Code

    It seems to me that the proposal will not work, although by and large it is somehow indifferent. I have only one number, and I have not planned to change it yet.

    But who knows - maybe there really will be fewer at least spammers?

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you think, how much would spam and fraud be reduced by such a measure?

    • 3.1% to 100%, I'm an optimist! 32
    • 3.1% to 80% 32
    • 5.7% to 60% 59
    • 6.2% by 40% 64
    • 15.4% to 20% 159
    • 35.8% to 0% 369
    • 3.6% at -20% 38
    • 26.8% everything will be even worse 276

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