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    Deimos shaved. While his eternal companion jerked outside the door, he wondered how to behave now. The place where, as it seemed to Deimos, hit a bullet fired by a corpse from an imaginary pistol, it is very real ache. “These are just tricks of my mind,” he thought. “I can handle this shit, I'm sure of it.”

    While shaving, he heard a knock on the bathroom door.

    - My love, open to me! - it was a corpse.

    - Not.

    “Well, we both know that I can just materialize next to you,” the deceased continued, “but I’m afraid that you yourself, by chance, will cut your throat with a razor.”

    Deimos sighed heavily and went to open the door. Right behind her, with bulging eyes and puffing out cheeks, stood the fruit of his sore, in which he no longer doubted consciousness.

    - My clever, my princess. Do you want to scratch your ear? - The corpse tried to portray emotion, but on his burned face it was more like an evil grimace. - Come on! I see that you have already reconciled and begin to carry out my commands, - he burst into the bathroom and sat on the lowered lid of the toilet bowl, - look, I'll make a man out of you.

    “Shut up,” Deimos returned to the interrupted shave, “but rather disappear.”

    “You want a lot,” the corpse grinned back, “are we going to visit pretty Anna now?” I just dare not miss it!

    - Could you at least in the presence of other people not show your eyes? Asked Deimos.

    - Right now.

    Deimos expected to hear a similar answer, he could argue, in fact, with himself about how part of his consciousness is worth behaving, but there was catastrophically short time - after just ten minutes, Dr. Price was waiting for him. Dressing quickly, he went out into the corridor of the residential block. It was empty. The level at which Deimos was given a room was entirely given for the accommodation of the project participants. He still didn’t really meet anyone and didn’t even know who was living behind the wall, and he only guessed about the location of the sisters' rooms: they, apparently, were lodging somewhere in another wing, because he did not encounter them in the corridor , only at elevators.

    Vigorous, hasty walk Deimos went to these very elevators. The corpse followed him, sometimes overtaking, dancing on the move, but more often holding himself a little behind.

    - Do you want to sing a song? He asked Deimos for probably the fifth time in a couple of minutes.

    Universe, give me the strength to survive it all, thought Deimos. Talking to yourself would be, at a minimum, suspicious for anyone coming out of the many doors on either side of the corridor. - “The main thing is to control yourself during a conversation with Anna. Remember, Deimos: silence is gold! ”

    “ You are boring, princess, ”a fake resentment was heard in the voice of the corpse,“ the song is good. ”

    “Yes, even the best written, I don’t care, just shut up,” thought Deimos. It was convenient. He did not immediately understand that it was impossible to hide thoughts from himself, but now he used this in order not to show in public how much his roof went.

    “Well, okay,” the hallucination suspiciously agreed, “let's talk about how you got to such a life and who you deal with in this basement,” the corpse stopped with Deimos at the elevators and rested his shoulder on the wall, “I hope do you understand that you have no friends here, yes, princess?

    “Why on earth?” - the words of the corpse began to irritate Deimos. At that moment, an elevator came to their floor and he, a corpse, and a female operator from a neighboring wing entered inside.

    “Well, judge yourself, Princess,” the corpse continued, looking at the woman along the way and pointing her finger at her cheek, as if checking to see if she was real. Deimos's hallucinations were so realistic that he saw the skin sagging on the operator’s cheek under the finger of a corpse, but the woman did not show any indignation - where are you from here in this basement, friends? Even if you start small - the crap that was sewn into your neck. You don’t even know where she is sitting. No seams, wires or contacts, but you remember the operation, right? - The corpse stopped examining the face of the operator and turned to its creator. - And this is only one of many issues that concern me, and, therefore, you.

    The elevator arrived at the twenty-sixth level, where the offices of Ivor and Anna were. They were silent with the corpse. Deimos tried to comprehend what the hallucination told him, and the latter, surprisingly, did not bother him.

    “You don't feel on a short leash, chain dog Deimos?” - The corpse suddenly became serious and no longer jumped and danced around Deimos, but simply walked nearby, on his right hand and, just like a living person, dodged people walking down the corridor to meet him. - Every day you drink a bunch of drugs. Ever wondered how long you can live without them? Indeed, most likely, this is all in order to stop module rejection by your body. Although I hate you, I’m not going to die, so we’ll drink vitamins like clockwise, ”Price’s office was getting closer and the dead man accelerated in his thoughts,“ do you remember the diary of old Nikitinsky? ” Well, in that folder that Ivor tipped you on about how special you are now. So, unfortunately, we both do not read Russian, but everything is too smoothly painted there. They slipped your awl - half the truth, it’s more convenient to lie. It’s necessary to find the correct translation, complete, I can smell it, something went wrong there, the corpse grinned, “I’m here.”

    “Tie it all up, we have come,” Deimos said, barely moving his lips.

    - Is it still hard to communicate telepathically with me? - Got up a corpse, - well, nothing, you get used to it. Okay, let's talk seriously later, you're right, ”at that moment, Deimos was already opening the door to Anna’s office,“ and now is the time for fun! ”

    Deimos swore mentally, because the "time of fun" did not bode well for him.

    Dr. Anna Price was sitting at her desk and reading something on her tablet. When she saw Deimos in the doorway, Anna smiled and said:

    “Have a seat, Deimos, I’ll finish now and go to the laboratory.”

    - The lab?

    - Yes, a minute.

    Deimos sat in one of the chairs Astrea usually occupied, directly opposite Anna, and Dr. Price continued reading. Hallucination walked around the office, examined books on the shelves and documents on the table.

    “You still don’t see anything there until I see this,” Deimos thought.

    - So what? - answered the corpse. Deimos flinched. It seemed to him that now Anna would stop working and look at the fruit of his imagination and ask who he was and what he was doing. But he heard and saw the dead man only Deimos. Until he fully realized that he could communicate with the corpse mentally, without at all betraying his existence. At this time, the hallucination had already lost interest in the situation and stood behind Dr. Price.

    “Eh, princess-princess, and your lip is not stupid,” the corpse bent to the sitting Anna and sniffed her hair, “can you even smell this while sitting there?” Pleasant perfumes, huh? I even like it. - At that moment, he ran fingers burned through Anna's hair. - would you like to touch them, yes, pervert? You are not even so interested in her breasts or between her legs as her hair. Yes?

    Deimos was uneasy. No matter how hard it was to admit it, he was attracted to a miniature scientist, and he could not take his eyes off the hair that was lying in a chestnut wave. The corpse knew this and was now mocking him. Deimos fidgeted in his chair, trying to find a position in which he could hide his excitement, but at that moment Price looked up from the tablet screen, looked at her ward and asked:

    “Is something wrong, Deimos?”

    “No, that you,” he answered, “everything is in order.”

    “I think you're nervous,” Anna, like any woman, was often uncomfortably insightful, “is something bothering you?”

    “No, it's all right,” Deimos answered.

    She held his gaze for half a second longer than necessary and returned to her business. The corpse stood against the wall behind it and smiled unnaturally wide.

    - Has someone increased blood pressure? - he asked Deimos, - come on, I’ve just started.

    At that moment, the corpse squatted next to Anna and ran his fingers along her cheek.

    “Oh, sorry, I don’t know how velvety her skin is, because you didn’t touch it, princess.” But I am sure she is watching herself, ”the corpse looked at the embarrassed Deimos,“ fullness, you behave like a hypocrite. ”

    Suddenly, the corpse grabbed Anna by the chest with one hand and ran a tongue over her cheek, leaving a shiny path of saliva. It looked absolutely real and unnatural at the same time, because Dr. Price didn’t react at all to his actions. Deimos almost spoke to him aloud, but at the last moment he could stop and think:

    “Enough is enough for you! This is all not real! And what are you trying to achieve? They will let me into the expense - you also have a cover. ”

    “Okay, I persuaded,” Deimos only managed to blink, and the corpse was already sitting in the chair next to him, where Adikia was usually located, “I didn’t think it hurts you so much, my princess.” But in one thing you are right, ”he lazily extended his legs and folded his hands on his stomach,“ you and I are in the same cage called your head. ”

    “Do you really understand that?” Thought Deimos.

    “I understand what is happening much more than you, my silly princess, much more.”

    “Share it?”

    - At least not now. By the way, ”the corpse grinned,“ our cutie is calling you for the third time. ”

    After these words, Deimos himself realized that Anna had already addressed him twice, and at that time he was sitting and staring at an empty chair.

    - Deimos? - Anna called him again, - hey, Deimos!

    He turned to Anna and only managed to squeeze out:

    - Sorry, Dr. Price, thought.

    Anna looked at him disapprovingly, but said nothing, pretending that nothing strange had happened, although the fact that he fell into a stupor and stared at an empty chair next to him was, at least, suspicious.

    “As you know,” Anna began to say in her tone, which tells something about the “Eye” project and the role of Deimos in it, “we had to force your introduction into operation due to instructions from above.

    “Yes, Dr. Ivor said this,” Deimos answered, “so you stuffed me with a ton of drugs,” he felt the very real muscles on his arm, although only about two months ago there was only skin and bones there, —not to say that I am not satisfied. Walking is still nicer, ”he grinned.

    “It's good that you have such a positive attitude,” said Anna, “today we will have another training session with the sisters, but this time we will activate your Oka module.”

    Deimos glanced at the deceased, who, sitting in the next chair, made faces at him, and answered Anna:

    “Everything in the project documentation was described in sufficient detail, but ...” he hesitated, but continued, “how deeply will the sisters get into my head?”

    Anna quickly laid aside the tablet that she was still holding in her hands, got up from her seat and went to Deimos. A wave of smells accompanied him, accompanying the young scientist: hair, clothes, perfumes.

    - Wow! Exclaimed the corpse, jumping up from its place - what flower, and is engaged in such vile things, yes, the princess?

    Shut up, Deimos thought.

    While he was bickering with a corpse, Anna took a place of hallucination in a chair and continued:

    “The sisters were given clear instructions,” she put her foot on her foot, and Deimos with great difficulty kept a look on her face, “for the first time you will train to put a mental block.” Attacking actions will be practiced as you learn to control the module, - said Price, - you have nothing to worry about.

    Deimos only nodded. Anna smiled slightly at him, patted her hand, and, getting up, went to her chair for a dressing gown; the complex was well ventilated and the corridors were cool.

    “Man,” the corpse for the first time called him somehow offensively, “and you know that you behave like a sperm toxicosis youth?” - during the conversation between Anna and Deimos, he took a position in the corner of the room, arms crossed on his chest and carefully watching what was happening - so carefully did not stare at her legs, that even a blind person understands that you wanted to stare at them.

    “I think this is some kind of side effect from drugs,” Deimos thought, because, in fact, the corpse was right.

    “And I think that you just want to cuddle and do something else with this little scientist,” the corpse answered him calmly, “no, well, your lip is not a fool, I agree, but Deimos, get your head out of assholes! You are not her knight in shining armor, you are her experimental rat. And if you want to remain a living rat, - at that moment the hallucination stuck from the wall and went to Anna, who was putting on a dressing gown, showing her with both hands as if it was some kind of exhibit - then this delicious thing is not for you.

    “I know it myself.”

    - Deimos, let's go? - Anna took her tablet and was already standing at the door, waiting for him.

    - Oh sure.

    At the security post, Anna asked to call the sisters to the laboratory at the thirty-ninth, training level. All three on the elevator: Deimos, his hallucination and Anna, went down almost to the bottom of the complex - then the technical levels went already, where only the attendants looked. We drove, according to the sensations, for quite some time, which was not quite comfortable for Deimos. Anna took a position at the door, leaving the ward and his dead problem behind her.

    “Check out your ass, princess,” the corpse began again, “like a nut, even under a dressing gown!” Probably crouches in the morning.

    Deimos, as it was not sad for him, this time agreed with him, there was something to see. When they reached the training level, all three left the elevator and went along the echoing dimly lit corridors somewhere inland.

    “They save energy, there is almost never anyone here,” Anna explained, “it’s right, the sense is from the light.”

    To their general surprise, when they reached the laboratory they needed, they found bored sisters there.

    “Hello, girls,” Anna greeted them, “are you so fast?”

    “They were at the shooting range,” Adikia answered for two, “Astrea has a weakness for shotguns and the duty officer there, you know ...

    ” “Only for shotguns,” the older sister interrupted embarrassed.

    Anna grinned. A more straightforward and honest Astrea constantly got into trouble through the fault of her younger sister, and Adikia did not miss the moment to pry off the older one. Of the two of them, it was Astrea who possessed tremendous fortitude. This manifested itself in everything she did: from hand-to-hand combat, to the preference of a shotgun to a rifle and the use of the Oka module. Adikia, on the other hand, sought her cunning, not disdaining, for example, to let go of those like the last caustic. This is their personal war, the older sister was losing.

    “Listen, princess, why didn’t you look out at the eldest?” - the corpse has not gone away and while the women talked, more precisely, while Anna, who connected to the persecution, asked Astrea about that duty on the shooting range, he decided to talk with Deimos, “look what’s nothing.” She is pretty, kind of honest, equal to you, after all. And judging by the conversations, everything is here for the sake of the peace of mind of the wards, like you are people too, although I’m not so sure about this, ”the corpse kicked Deimos with his elbow in the side,“ so, maybe you’d better put it on the oldest eye? ” And there, you look, you’ll catch the younger one ...

    “Could you talk to me about anything other than women?” Deimos thought irritably.

    - Whoa whoa! Man, don’t forget that I’m part of your consciousness, you sang in the choir here, and not me, ”the corpse said, moving away from Deimos and raising his hands, as if showing that he had nothing to do with it, is your hormonal background storming, not mine, so don’t blame the mirror, yes.

    "What? What mirror? ”

    - Ah, I forgot that you know about the world around us a little more than a hamster. Forget it, ”the corpse dismissed Deimos’s question.“ So, the elder’s ass will be even better! ” True, this can break, right?

    The youngest hurts harder, Deimos thought.

    He had already spent enough time in the ring with each of the sisters to understand that, with the right defense, Astrea was not as dangerous as her sister: the younger one seemed to be able to break half of her ribs with one hit of her leg.

    “Well, yes, you’re still like that for them, a punching bag,” summed up the corpse of thoughts of Deimos, who was just remembering how he missed the kick from Adikia and how Astraeus closed her eyes at that moment, “but the fact that I older, it doesn’t cancel.

    "Everything is good, got it already."

    While Deimos led a mental skirmish with himself, Anna and Adikia finished slandering Astrea and all three were ready to start working with him. It took about half an hour for a briefing, before which Deimos was again given some medicine. According to Anna, they will relax him a little and reduce the shock from turning on the Oka module. For another ten minutes Anna was tinkering with the equipment behind the glass: setting the values ​​and levels of synchronization of the participants, turning on the recording.

    “Remember, Deimos, no matter what happens, don't panic.” If I notice a jump in the sensors, I will have to disconnect you accidentally - then my head will hurt wildly for two days, so you get ready, okay? Of course, it would be better if Ivor did all this, but he is away, so don’t let me down, ”Anna told Deimos at last.

    “Yes, I understand, I will try,” said Deimos, already lying in one of the three armchairs in the center of the hall. The other two sisters settled in and together they formed a semblance of a circle.

    - Astrea and Adikia will insure you if that, understand? - said Anna and, not waiting for an answer, continued, - turn on.

    With a couple of movements on the panel in front of her, she first activated the modules of Astrea and Adikia, and then, with the given limitations of the first launch, the Oka Deimos module. He was lying on the chair absolutely motionless and, as Anna had asked him, was breathing slowly and deeply. For a few seconds, nothing happened, but here, as Anna thought, not only in the laboratory building, but in the whole center, a synchronous, inhuman scream of sisters swept from all over the place.

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