Space Case 1: versatile hi-tech boom case

    For a person who travels frequently, the question of choosing a suitcase is an important issue. Indeed, a lot depends on the suitcase - both the safety of the contents and the convenience of the trip itself. But there are other problems - for example, the search for baggage if it is lost, the careless handling of airport employees and other things that the owner of a suitcase simply can not control. How to be with them?

    A couple of weeks ago on Kickstarter, an answer to this question appeared - the project of the Space Case 1 smart suitcase. In just a few days, the developers collected 8 times more than required (400 thousand dollars instead of 50 thousand). Kickstarter users are investing in the project, and they can be understood. Space Case 1 is equipped with built-in scales, a fingerprint system, a tracker, a battery, a wireless audio system and much more.

    What is Space Case 1?

    In fact, Space Case 1 is a computer in a suitcase form factor, with a lot of features. For example, the lock is equipped with a fingerprint sensor , which allows the owner to open the suitcase with one movement of his hand. A proprietary application has been released for the system, so you can open the suitcase with it.

    The tracker allows you to always be in the know where your luggage is now. Sometimes it happens that the luggage is lost. The problem is familiar to many, and it is very unpleasant. Yes, the transport service sometimes finds luggage quickly, but sometimes it is completely lost. And with the tracking system, lost luggage can be found in a few seconds.

    Travelers have another small problem - the need to comply with the weight limit established by the airline. Yes, you can take more things than you should. But then for every kilogram of weight you have to pay. Space Case 1 has built-in scales , which wirelessly transmit information on the mass of the contents of the suitcase to the phone.

    In addition, not at every airport you can find a place to recharge your gadgets. And usually phones and tablets are discharged at the most inopportune moment. At the airport, if you wait for a flight for a long time, but there is nothing to occupy yourself, you only save yourself with electronic devices. Naturally, due to the active work, all of them are discharged faster than necessary. Inside the case - 15,000 mAh battery(alkaline, since recently Li-Ion batteries are prohibited for transportation in baggage).

    Bored? You can entertain yourself with a wireless audio system . For example, include your favorite music in your hotel room, putting your thoughts in order.

    The anti-theft system helps prevent baggage theft. This system will warn if the suitcase is removed from the user without his knowledge. If desired, you can configure the entire system so that not only the phone, but the suitcase itself will make sounds in such cases.

    A personal electronic concierge will allow you not to forget about an important flight or the need to pay for a hotel room.

    Finally, a well-thought-out system of compartments and lockshelp you quickly get the right thing at the right time. Now you do not need to rummage around the suitcase in search of a laptop or magazine - you will always know where things are.

    Suitcase dimensions and other specifications:

    How and where to order?

    Another two weeks will be a fundraiser on Kickstarter , so you can still have time to pre-order. And to the "investors" Space Case 1 will fall in November this year.

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