Special club introduced remote video surveillance on the "smart watch"


    You can’t name them a gadget, because such work requires a powerful program on the side of the object being viewed. She decides what to send for the watch. The choice of events is made by both security algorithms and video analytics . But there is also a live video mode - for viewing remote camcorders online.

    However, smart video watches- an integral element of a powerful complex of video monitoring of a remote object from an apartment and an office to factories and shopping centers. Why a watch? The answer is clearly surprising - convenient! The special lab has created a technology that allows you to briefly transmit long events - so much that it fits even in a watch. This statement was most doubtful at the exhibition where these smart watches were presented. Visitors took photographs to provide evidence to their partners.


    In general, we have not seen anything like this either in the country or abroad. “The special club never repeats other people's technologies - it creates its own!”, - it is written on the first page of the site. And this time, Spetslab is one of the first (and maybe indeed the very first) to open a new page for the development of video surveillance in the world.

    The presentation of new features of Gm2 technology took place at the last exhibition in Moscow TB-2015 at Crocus Expo:

    Few people know, but mobile video surveillance appeared in Russia from Russia. The Ivanovo company Spetslab first introduced the broadcast of live video to phones that were not even called smartphones. It is scary to remember that the digital video stream went via GPRS or, where it was not, along the GSM voice path.

    Of course, the frame rate of 1 in 5-10 seconds was a little like video surveillance, but even then it was possible to get a picture of the incident from the scene. Another thing is that no one will constantly look at the phone to observe the object, therefore such a technology not only then, but even now has not taken root too successfully in safety. But it was actively used in the show programs "DOM-2" and "Star Factory".


    Millions of users sat on their phones and caught a rare shot from the set, video surveillance on which was also organized by Spetslab - then even in Ostankino they did not know how to build a multi-channel mode. For the sake of history, it must be said that the wired Internet did not approach the place of filming "Dom-2", and it was necessary to distribute video via GPRS. Rather, it was uploaded to the center of Moscow, and there, through a video gateway , the software developed by Special Lab specifically for such purposes, multicast users. Sorry, like the terms "multcast" and "broadcast" appeared later. In general, our programmers wrote that, they themselves did not know what.

    Now, with the advent of 3G and above, it’s ridiculous to mention such details, but it’s important for us that something is being developed in Russia too - and much earlier than others. However, for some reason this phrase causes rejection among the Russians themselves, apparently, there are some psychological complexes in our country. But we will not hush up this fact. Everything is fiction.

    Well, what else to say ?! If earlier it was required to find out every problem call, pull out the phone from seven winter clothes, poke buttons, be distracted from other things, interrupt car driving ... now you just have to turn your hand as if to look at the time and you get the full video information from the remote object.


    A feature of Gm2 is not only viewing cameras in real time, as is still the case in most mobile devices (phones and tablets), but also the ability to receive event video clips from alarms and other warning moments.

    The arrival of a new event may be accompanied by a sound signal and (or) a slight vibration on the wrist. Everything is so convenient that there are not enough words to express emotions!

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