Gradberry - an automatic programmer recruiter that checks the quality of code


    Startup Gradberry offers an unusual way to find work for programmers. The service has an automatic system that evaluates the quality of the code located somewhere in the public domain, compiles a programmer profile and offers it to companies that have posted the relevant vacancies.

    The startup was founded by two programmers originally from the United Arab Emirates. After graduating from American University in Sharjah, they tried to get a job, but they were refused everywhere, giving preference to people from more well-known educational institutions. The guys were not taken aback and managed not only to make their own project, but also to receive financing - just from one of the most famous institutions, MIT. Having won a startup competition in Morocco, they moved to Boston.

    They called their product TARA - Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation. Over the three weeks of work, she has already issued more than 800 recommendations out of the 3000 applications received by her.

    The service is free for applicants. If the company successfully hires the found programmer, it pays the startup 5% of its annual salary.

    If, according to the results of the code analysis, TARA gives the applicant insufficient marks, the service will offer recommendations on training courses and other advanced training methods.

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