Players who downloaded an illegal version of Talos Principle cannot complete the game due to an intentional “bug”

    The developers of the game The Talos Principle , the company Croteam, took the not quite standard way of protection against the illegal distribution of their offspring. Instead of swearing at startup, the game starts and goes fine, but only until one of the game moments when the character is in the elevator. Then you can’t move further along the plot.

    Many players on the forums started complaining about this “bug”, after which it turned out that this was even a “feature”. At the Neogaf forum, the secret was revealed . The game reference even includes the mention of the famous pirate band SKIDROW.

    An unusual defense had the desired effect - some “pirates” interested in continuing decided to buy an official version of the game to find out what would happen next. One anonymous participant of the famous tracker wrote: “I ran into a bug of a broken elevator, and bought in Steam the full version of the game, where I could import my saved game. It was worth the money. ”

    Talos Principle is a philosophical first-person puzzle game where the player is in the place of a smart robot. This is not the first time that Croteam developers have come up with creative ways to protect their games from copying. Three years ago, in a pirated copy of Serious Sam, you could meet an unkillable scorpion .

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