The Pentagon has declassified the archives of the program for the study of UFOs, which was spent about $ 20 million

    Yes, seeing the abbreviation "UFO", many of us imagine this very object in the same way as it is shown in the picture.

    Saying UFO, for some reason, many immediately imagine spaceships of aliens and the "green men" themselves, seeking to get from one or another challenge to the long-suffering Earth. In fact, a UFO, an unidentified flying object, is any object that is difficult to identify. A UFO can be called, for example, an airplane that flies in such a way that its model is simply impossible to recognize.

    Now it became known that the Pentagon spent on the study of various kinds of UFOs.about 10 years (2002-2012) and $ 22 million. It was an unofficial program for detecting aviation threats. That is, the military did not look for brothers in mind, but simply tried to find out how great the threat of destruction or damage to an aircraft in the air as a result of UFO exposure (for example, a collision).

    It is reported that the Americans began to implement the program partly because rumors reached the start of similar projects from China. Of course, the United States wanted to be the first. The initiator of the creation of the American program was the representative of the Democratic Party in the US Senate Harry Reid. Congressmen at one time attached great importance to the fact that they are UFOs, which sometimes fell into the lens of not only the amateur camera, but also the field of view of military pilots. According to the 2002 instructions, a US Air Force employee who noticed a UFO was supposed to document and transmit “up” data on replacement facilities.

    During the existence of this program, a lot of photos and videos were received. But most of the videos looked about the same. The UFO was at one point in the frame, and then quickly moved, disappearing from the field of view of the operator. Some of these shots, as it turned out, are fake. Others are quite real. But on them (fortunately or unfortunately) not alien spaceships, but objects that polluted the camera lenses. In addition, some documented phenomena can be explained by glare in optics.

    What to do, some materials, in addition, are also not too high-quality

    In some other cases, such effects may be due to lens contamination or defect. So, for example, the part of the light that passes through the camera can be reflected inside the lens, forming its own image, which gets on the matrix or film. Reflection is due to the presence of an extremely small speck of dust or a drop of water in the lens.

    The phenomenon itself has been known for a long time - the first was described by the Soviet physicist Aleksanadr Mikirov. He explained, for example, the appearance of some luminous object in the photograph, which was made in the 1960s at the Tiksi polar station. Mikirov not only formulated the hypothesis of the appearance of a “flying saucer”, but empirically proved his point of view. He was able to get photographs of UFOs, which are almost identical to those presented as the existence of an alien mind on Earth.

    In this case, glare can lead to the fact that a variety of objects appear on frames. Not only “saucers”, but also cigar-shaped systems, jule, ovals, rhombuses or balls. Interestingly, as photo and video equipment evolved, glare remained in its place.

    But not only glare led to the appearance of images of nonexistent objects. In many cases, UFOs are taken as clouds of a special shape, completely terrestrial aircraft or space debris.

    “Imagine a piece of iron flying from space. Part of the details of the ship or something like that. It consists of aluminum, and titanium, and steel. The whole complex. First, of course, it will cook aluminum with titanium, then it will come to steel. What shape will this thing take, and where will it bounce off the atmosphere - up or down, right to left? And clearly perfectly - in front of me a UFO, the real one, glows, flies. It seems that something is burning on him. And it quickly disappeared, ” Viktor Zabolotsky, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR , told about his“ meeting ”with UFOs.

    Some objects taken by someone earlier are difficult to explain in terms of science and common sense. But this does not mean that such an explanation does not exist. Most often it turns out that it lies on the surface, and the object itself is modeled by some joker. Be that as it may, the program also fulfilled its tasks: firstly, it proved that there are no green men on Earth, and secondly, it allowed the military to clarify which objects can meet with airplanes and other flying vehicles in the sky. True, $ 20 million was spent on finding out all this. On the other hand, this is a very small amount for the US military, so taxpayers have nothing to worry about.

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