Semi-automatic pistol, almost entirely printed on a 3D printer


    A carpenter from West Virginia, hiding under the pseudonym Derwood, presented to the public "95%" a semi-automatic pistol printed on a 3D printer, named him Shuty-MP1. The gun has several simple metal parts - for example, springs, striker striker, barrel. Everything else is printed on a Fusion F306 printer made of PLA plastic.

    Verification by battle

    Creating and debugging a project took a carpenter for almost a year. The very first version contained much more metal parts that needed to be processed and welded together. Derwood, on the other hand, was aiming for a version of the pistol that, according to him, "anyone could make."

    Derwood belongs to the group of FOSSCAD enthusiasts who strive to popularize 3D printers by putting 3D models of various devices on the network. So far, files for printing Shuty-MP1 have not yet appeared on the network.

    Assembling weapons

    While the model is not yet perfect - the author said that after about 18 shots the plastic around the barrel begins to melt, unless it is specially cooled.

    U.S. laws allow anyone to make firearms on their own — a license is only required for sale or transportation.

    The story of 3D weapon printing began in 2013 when another famous free-gun enthusiast, Cody Wilson, printed the world's first plastic Liberator pistol . Wilson is the founder of Defense Distributed. In particular, this company became famous for the production of the infamous automatic milling machine, the main purpose of which is the manufacture of a receiver- the most difficult part of the AR-15 rifle.

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