Kickstarter is collecting money for a robot for children learning the basics of programming


    Dexter Industries, an American company in Reston, Virginia, has developed a programming program for children called GoBox. The training takes place using the GoPiGo modular mini-robot and open source code for it.

    Today, every parent wants his child to learn programming. However, often the learning process is tedious and tedious. We want to change that. Therefore, we decided to develop a fun and exciting method of studying robotics, ”the welcoming video of this crowdfunding campaign says .

    The emphasis in training is on the gradual improvement of the provided robot through monthly mission tasks. Every month throughout the year, GoBox owners will receive assignments framed as interesting stories from the life of the robot. In addition to this, a new device for improvement (for example, a motion sensor or a video camera) and instructions for changing the program code will be attached. However, the developers promise not to stop at twelve tasks, further training will be available on an inexpensive subscription. Thus, the child must be involved in the learning process at all times.

    For programming the robot, Scratch is used - a language developed by MIT specifically for small programmers. The authors of the project insist that even parents who are completely unfamiliar with the basics of programming will be able to deal with their child with the help of “GoBox”.


    10 days before the end of the campaign, GoBox had already raised more than one hundred thousand dollars with thirty requested. So, most likely, the next innovative method in school education is to be!

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