A small rarity from the days when computers were big

During my system administration, a lot of all kinds of iron passed through me, though mostly modern. However, the echoes of the harsh 90s that fell on my school days partially dipped me into the already leaving golden age of IT, when I got a motherboard with a Ti486DLC-40 processor, 8 megabytes of memory, a multicard, an ESS1868, Quantum sound card with 170 megabytes ... and black and a white Hewlett Packard monitor controlled by some kind of Oak graphics card with huge 256 kilobytes of memory. I got a book on dos and wrap everything up ...

And after 15 years, sorting out the closet, I unexpectedly stumbled upon a completely unusual find that already in the distant 2009 I was presented by a wonderful person ....

This is a mini Carry-1 computer with an AMD Am386SX-33 processor, an IIT 3C87SX-33 coprocessor, an integrated video from Trident with an amazing megabyte of memory, and of course bottomless 2 megabytes of RAM (which saddened me further, putting an end to the idea of ​​piling Windows 95 / there 98 / NT).

This case looked like this in the original like this (the photo is not mine):


And our patient:




Inside (there is no ISA-tree that was missing even before me):




Powerful AMD processor:


His faithful assistant from IIT:




Endless 2 megabytes:


And now I had a free evening: it was decided to pick up a checker and recall those distant times behind a black and white monitor under the buzz of a drive.

The first inclusion showed that the patient was alive, despite years of oblivion: It


immediately became clear that the computer lacked details: time did not spare the ISA-tree and the hard drive ... Another approach to finding ancient details was discovered by the miraculously surviving Quantum Prodrive LPS hard drive 170 megabytes and suddenly for me an extremely unusual relic that saved me at the beginning of the distant 2000s - a 5-inch Quantum BigFoot CY hard drive of 4.3 gigabytes (with a 300 megabyte zone that fell into bed bads).

The old man quantum:


Unusual big foot:


To assess the difference:

As it turned out later, the 170-megabyte drive did not survive numerous moves, meeting its next inclusion with the terrible sounds of the rattling of deformed positioners, which saddened me extremely.

The next stumbling block was my lack of a keyboard with an AT interface, but the old PS / 2 keyboard found in the bins of my homeland, a piece from the old AT-PS / 2 adapter and a soldering iron with Google solved the problem.

Then there was an idle native Epson drive, reading floppy disks every other time and generally periodically ceasing to respond to external irritants. He was quickly replaced by his more modern brother from mitsumi, which, however, turned out to be larger and did not physically install a hard drive in the case (although due to the death of a standard-sized screw, this was not so important).

Further, I had to tinker with creating a bootable (or, as they used to say “system”) diskette with dos. At the time of the current massive dominance of NT systems, the sys c: a: command for many (including the OS itself) is an overwhelming spell. VirtualBox helped me out with MS-DOS 6.22 installed and a drive flown to it. A little later, for a couple of other diskettes, I filled in the main dos distribution kit.

And here is the first boot and BIOS, quite colorful. By the way, in those days it was very fashionable to make colorful multi-colored interfaces: my old 486 even had a separate BIOS option that allowed me to choose the color schemes of the interface. Extremely funny.

As we can see, the 2000 problem is irrelevant. Already managed to forget, but in ancient times, the BIOS did not know how to automatically configure the disk and had 46 (in this case) standard disk settings and the 47th option for manual configuration. We select it, having previously asked Google to find us the specification of our fossil bigfoot.

reboot and ...

PS: It can be seen that "Numeric processor: None" - for some reason, by default in the BIOS it stands as Absent. After changing to Present, everything returned to its place.

Quickly throw the most necessary software 90x. Unforgettable commander Norton:

And what does he think of us:

A well-known utility of those times:

Very fast!

Remember the disk cleanup button in windows (I hastened with a screenshot about Windows a little later)?

Point “8” was especially pleasing, pay attention to the list of files found:

In order not to bother with a dozen floppies, I poured the Windows 3.11 distribution kit onto the disk directly and entered setup. Oh my god ... this installer survived to XP!

In the process:

I specially kept the old ISA network card with BNC-AUI-Ethernet ports for such a case, but somewhere it hurt when moving, so until the searches were unsuccessful:

Yes, the serial number, I did not even know about the existence of Win98 such a question.


I really wanted to play Doom, but 2mb for it, unfortunately, is not enough.

The next step will be an attempt to connect to the Internet through the com-port, as soon as I get the necessary glands. I’m also looking for a Linux distribution that can go up to 2 megabytes of memory and want to conjure with Qemm and run doom (can anyone know, qemm can help me?)

Now, for now, that's all.

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