Microsoft Cortana will be available for iOS and Android

Original author: Devindra Hardawar
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Microsoft is introducing new features into Cortana's voice assistant. In addition, Microsoft aims to release the Cortana client application for iOS and Android.

The company also hopes to include one of the artificial intelligence systems in the product. “A system that can read e-mail will play a major role in the next version of Cortana,” said Eric Horvitz, executive director of Microsoft Research and a member of Project Einshtein. Now part of the Cortana functionality can be used on Windows Phone and Windows 10: the program already knows how to dictate messages and report weather.

Thus, Microsoft is turning Cortana into a more humanized version of Google Assistant, which, unlike Sirl, can analyze the needs of the owner, so Microsoft is making more efforts to make its application accessible on different platforms.

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