Electric bikes and other non-standard representatives of bicycle technology

    Modern compact brushless electric motors with high power in combination with capacious batteries today are no longer a luxury, but, as they say, an almost independent means of transportation. Of course, if you add to them the corresponding elements in the form of a frame and wheels. So, what does the global e-bike industry offer us today and what horizons will open tomorrow - we read in our review.

    Since electric bicycles in our country are a fairly new topic and are mainly exhausted by the products of Chinese engineers, we note that this is not always a bad thing — nevertheless, for the rating of the best models for various purposes, we turn to recognized experts from Electric Bike Review.

    Sandviper by SSR Motosport

    The best model according to the review in the category of SUVs. The bike is made in the United States and belongs to the second class on a local scale. That is, speed is limited to 20 miles per hour and a motor power of 750 watts. In this model, the speed at the limit with a drive power of 350 watts. The whole complex is powered by a 36-V and 10 Ah Li-Ion battery.

    The all-aluminum construction, including wheel rims, reduces total weight to 20 kg. Well, of course, as you noticed, the wide 4-inch cameras make it possible to rush through the mud, and through the un-melted snow, and in the sand - if anyone gets there. It costs a bike of real money - $ 1399 for a 25 mile ride on a single charge for any derth.

    Motiv Spark The

    best urban e-cruiser of the last two years in America.

    Simple in design and reliable, like no other - the manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee for a hydroformed aluminum frame (18 inches) and two years for a drive. By the way, the entire energy potential for the city is optimally designed: up to 70 km on a single charge from the compact Li-Ion battery for 48 V and 10 Ah, the engine power is 500 W and the maximum speed is up to 30 km / h.

    You can buy it on the offsite for $ 1750, the weight for transportation is about 25 kg.

    Volton Alation 500 The

    best mountain e-bike of last year, equally good in the city and away.

    The Samsung battery (48 V, 11 Ah) built into the aluminum frame allows you to drive up to 80 km, and a 500 W motor accelerates it to the same 30 km / h.

    You can see all the specifications here, and buy there -$ 2200 with free shipping in the States.


    Well, now for promising technologies and concept bikes. Naturally, electric. And let's start with the 2012 prototype from Audi, which still haunts many cyclists in the world. Largely because of the price, of course, because they ask for as much as $ 20,000!

    But not only. What other bike will you race at up to 80 km / h? And every element of this concept is a miracle of engineering. Starting from a unique two-pendant carbon frame weighing only 1.6 kg and flat knitting needles that have been involved in aerodynamics for almost a year, to the sophisticated electronics that every element of the bike is stuffed with.

    How the current model behaves in business, you can see here, and we just add that it works great in three modes - clean pedals, combined and "remember me like that" - when a 2.3 kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 250 Nm is cut.

    It is clear that such a miracle does not fall into any category of permitted vehicles in the United States or Europe. So it’s pure for the soul.

    But for very specific applications - from couriers and city services to service workers and even the police - Ford plans to produce its e-bike.

    Unfortunately, this prototype presented at CNET'15 cannot boast of any outstanding speed data - 15 miles per hour, and the motor is only 200 watts. But…

    No wonder it was presented at the Mobile World Congress - in synergy with a smartphone, this bike can be very useful and utilitarian. For example, if you activate an application that controls your cardiac parameters, then when you reach the upper level of the heartbeat, the bicycle motor turns on automatically - you are resting.

    If you use the navigator, then when turning right-left, the corresponding side of the steering wheel begins to vibrate. And there are many such chips, you can read here . The only obvious minus is the low power ratio. The battery charge is enough for only one and a half hours of movement.

    Unusual novelties

    And finally, two of the most unusual bikes of recent times.

    “The most folding of all folding” - this is what aluminum mechanical prototype can be called, which when folded does not exceed the size of a standard wheel of 26 inches.

    Minimalist industrial design in Bauhaus style and imaginary functionality. Only a museum. But certainly not in our mud with such a low drive.

    Remember, Khazanov: “Zaporozhets is good for everyone, but there isn’t enough machine guns on the roof!” In general, for everyone who expects the Apocalypse to come soon or at least a zombie invasion - this is such a “survival bike” from Motoped.

    A balanced two-suspension frame, a combined drive - you can also pedal your feet, and if you find fuel, then the power unit from the Honda XR / CRF50 is not prohibited. Well, and a specially designed trunk for the most necessary in the event of a nuclear war:

    By the way, it’s quite possible to adapt a small machine gun instead of a crossbow from behind. So keep that in mind.

    As you can see, there are plenty of ideas in the world of bicycle building. But how much they will turn out to be - the question remains open.

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