Should I believe Wozniak’s words that the Apple garage is a myth

    In an interview with BusinessWeek magazine on Thursday , Steve Wozniak called into question one of the main myths of the Silicon Valley era: Jobs's legendary garage where Apple was born. Wozniak said that their Apple I computer was not developed there at all: he did all the work in his cube at the Hewlett-Packard office in Cupertino.

    A garage is a bit of a myth. We did not design, did not prototype, did not prototype, did not plan any products there. There was no production. The garage served us as nothing more than a place where we could feel at home.
    - Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder

    However, news sites seemed to get excited with headlines like "Steve Wozniak called Apple's legendary garage a myth." If you study the history of the creation of Apple I more closely, you can understand that Wozniak most likely speaks of the development of the first prototypes of Apple I in 1975, which, as was really believed so far, were assembled in the bedroom and garage of Steve Jobs:

    They sold all their valuables (Wozniak, for example, sold a scientific calculator HP, and Jobs a Volkswagen van), bailed out $ 1,300 and collected the first prototypes in Jobs’s bedroom, and later, when all the free space was taken up, they moved to Jobs’s garage. Their first computer was a true engineering miracle in the context of the 1975 computing industry.
    - Wikipedia

    However, the team that assembled the first commercial batch of Apple I in the spring of 1976 could hardly fit in the Woz’s cube in HP - all the more so since he had already quit there by then. So this part of the story about Steve Jobs's garage should be true: his house and garage, if they were not the place of invention of Apple I, then became his first manufactory.

    And of course, the story should be very grateful to Hewlett-Packard for allowing Woz to engage in this project completely disinterestedly:

    Hewlett Packard Company had the right to everything that Steve Wozniak invented, including the Apple I computer, the production of which Wozniak himself suggested that they establish them several times. However, they simply “let go” of the crazy inventor with his “toy computer”.
    - Gictimes

    Moreover, now, according to Wozniak, it turns out that they not only had the right to invent it, but also provided all the conditions for its creation. via


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