NAOS QG: a mouse that measures fear

    It is unlikely that any of you is monitoring the reaction of the body while you are going through the next video game - how the blood rushes to your face and your heart is about to jump out. When you are completely absorbed in the gameplay, a rare bore will count the pulse or measure the EEG.

    However, given the general enthusiasm for monitoring their own health - since the number of wearable gadgets is increasing every day - such indicators may interest not only hypochondriacs. In general, we will not pull the rubber - in the near future you will have the opportunity to track such information in real time: meet - the gaming mouse NAOS QG ... The

    manipulator is equipped with sensors that measure heart rate, skin-electric reflex and reaction - measurement results at This is displayed.

    “Just like athletes collect and analyze data, we want to do the same for gamers. So to speak, provide them with a deep understanding. Give you the opportunity to understand your reactions and improve the gameplay, ”says MionixLabs, which collects money for the project through Kickstarter , describes its own goals . - Players using NAOS QG will be able to share information and compare their own results with partners in the game worlds, friends and community. This opens up new opportunities for those who play games, share their achievements, and also broadcast the gameplay. ”

    Sensors are built into the optical mouse that monitor the heart rate and the skin-electric reflex (by measuring sweating) - they are located on the back of the manipulator, where the player’s palm is located. The mouse also measures the number of clicks per minute and data on its movement - speed and accuracy. During the game, the included software displays this data on the screen over the main image - the displayed interface does not distract from the process and can be configured. In addition, you will be able to receive sound notifications if the stress level has exceeded the specified value.

    This is what Counter-Strike: Global Offensive looks like when playing with NAOS QG. Information is displayed on the right, but can be reconfigured depending on your preferences.

    All results are saved and you can not only analyze physiological processes, but also understand what game aspects make you react in one way or another.

    MionixLabs believes that the most useful feature of their development is the ability to share your data through Twitch. But an unusual mouse has a much more interesting potential - now you can integrate biofeedback into games, for example, as promised in the Nevermind horror game , which tracks your heart rate and changes the gameplay accordingly - the more you are scared, the more difficult becomes a game.

    The company does not mention such a possibility, but the API for their NAOS QG will be open and free, so any third-party developers will be able to use the unique features of the manipulator in their own software. It is worth noting that the attached software can work with almost any games and programs - as, for example, FRAPS does.

    At the moment, the collection of money continues on Kickstarter and for the "early birds" the mouse will cost $ 79. In retail, the NAOS QG will cost $ 129.

    PS This article is based on the materials of the Cnet

    PPS portal. We do not have a NAOS QG, but there is an Xbox One that we will give to the most erudite

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