Lifetrak R450: what's inside a smart fitness watch?

    LifeTrak Brite R450 - a new watch with activity tracker
    Three design options for the device

    Lifetrak produces a range of fitness trackers, some of which are, in fact, sports fitness watches. Today we will analyze the most advanced model of the device from Lifetrak - Lifetrak r450.

    The device is a fitness tracker with additional functionality for displaying notifications from a paired mobile device. SMS, incoming call, e-mail - Lifetrak r450 will warn the user about the event. That is why we called the gadget a smart fitness watch.

    In fact, there are many more functions than just displaying notifications:
    • Sleep quality tracking and a smart alarm clock - Lifetrak r450 will wake the owner during the onset of a light sleep phase, when it is easiest to wake up. Yes, and to determine what are the problems with sleep, the device will also help;
    • High accuracy heart rate monitor - works during the most active training;
    • Step counter (there is a difference between running, walking and jumping);
    • The waterproof case allows you to take a shower, swim and dive without removing the gadget;
    • Calorie counter - you won’t surprise anyone, but Lifetrak r450 counts calories burned quite accurately;
    • Counting the time a person is in the light - if you are constantly in the room without normal lighting, the watch will remind you that it is time to take a walk;
    • Plus, the shockproof case protects the device from damage during a very active workout.

    This is what the Lifetrak r450 looks like.

    The full set of LifeTrak r450 features can be found here , and below let's see what the developer has placed in the tracker case.

    Watch case with straps without internal mechanisms and a back

    case (profile view) Watch case with straps without internal mechanisms and a back

    case (side view) Watch case without straps, internal mechanisms and a back case (bottom view)

    (Top to bottom, left to right) with sensors, back cover of the case, case itself, information display, straps

    Information display of the device

    Information display of the device (side view)

    Information display of the device (bottom view)

    Board with sensors (top view). The big chip at the top with 14 pins isoperational amplifier LPV324 MT The

    reverse side of the sensor board, to which a plastic case with a recess for the battery is connected by wire. In fact, the body is vibration is

    reverse side of the board with the sensors, which is soldered chip Bluetooth Smart CC2541 (description here and here ), and c which is connected by a wire plastic housing with vibration is, and with the deepening of the battery

    is the same as re-photograph

    enlarged connection image board with plastic case, on which there are recesses for installing the battery and the vibration motor

    Rear housing

    cover Rear housing cover, interior

    Here it is, the Lifetrak K450. A fairly functional gadget that allows you to monitor your activity, and notice an important message. Of course, this is not a smart watch on Android Wear, but the basic functionality of a smart watch is. If you do not want to wear both a smart watch and a tracker, then the Lifetrak K450 is just right. The price in Russia is 4950 rubles.

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