All "pirated" Microsoft products are now considered "trophy"

    An interesting precedent, if true. According to KrymInform : The

    American corporation Microsoft requires a relicensing of its products in Crimea due to the fact that the republic has become a subject of the Russian Federation, and licensed software purchased in Ukraine cannot be used in another country. The corresponding letters were received by the heads of a number of Crimean enterprises that had previously purchased licensed Microsoft software.

    “In the attachment is a letter of clarification from Microsoft, in which the main thesis is: software purchased in Ukraine cannot be used in Russia,” the text says.
    Microsoft Russia LLC also recommends that all customers take an inventory of the existing fleet of personal computers to comply with the licensing rules and, in case of detection of installed software versions without the necessary (Russian) license, purchase the required number of copies already with legal keys.

    PS Microsoft said that it did not send a letter demanding software licensing in Crimea
    The information that Microsoft allegedly sent letters about the need to relicense previously acquired software is not true, "the company said.
    A letter requesting the licensing of previously acquired software was sent by Comparex IT company. It contains a link to a standard letter on how to license products Microsoft. "The letter (Microsoft - approx. Ed.) Is a standard notice of the most profitable ways to legalize pirated products. Similar letters are sent in all countries where Microsoft operates

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