Why coffee is easier to shed than beer

    A group of scientists from Princeton University conducted a serious study and found out why beer is harder to spill from a glass with shaking than coffee. The results of the scientific work were presented on November 24 at the conference of the American Scientific Society, in the section on fluid dynamics .

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    The answer is in the number of bubbles on the surface, i.e. in the thickness of the foam.

    There is such a scientific term - sloshing . In fluid dynamics, it means moving fluid inside another object (which is usually in motion).

    So, a layer of foam with a thickness of only 0.3 cm is enough to significantly suppress squelching, and a layer of 3 cm suppresses squelching almost completely.

    The study of physicists from Princeton is of great practical value for the safe transportation (and carrying) of liquids inside other objects. It is enough to cover it with a layer of foam - and the pressure on the walls of the container will decrease, and the liquid will not splash out when swaying.

    Well, coffee lovers now know why coffee with foam spills out worse than coffee without foam. It just squishes less.

    via New Scientist

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