In Tomsk, create a robot-snake to save people

Students of TUSUR (Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics) assembled a robot that simulates the movement of a snake. According to Tomsk developers, unlike “walking” or “wheeled” robots, it is easier for an artificial snake to penetrate the rubble or crawl through sewer pipes. And if you provide it with sensors of infrared radiation and motion, she will be able to determine if there is a person or animal behind the barrier, which will facilitate the work of rescuers.

The main problem faced by Tomsk developers is a banal lack of details. For smooth running, the robot has few “vertebrae”: the natural prototype has several times more. In addition, the serpentine research robot does not have a special coating, like a natural reptile. The skin of the snake consists of a huge number of scales, which allows these animals to climb even along the sheer vertical walls.

What movements Tomsk robot snake has already mastered can be seen in the video below:

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