Announcement of mitap RubyRoars # 1 in Kharkov

    Extensive experience in conducting meetings of Sync.NET , ThinkPHP , ThinkJava , WordPress Kharkiv and iThink led our team to a logical question - is it time for us to create a Ruby community? It’s time, that's why we invite all Ruby developers to the RubyRoars kick-off meeting, designed to usher in a new large community from NIX Solutions :).

    What will we talk about at the conference?

    1) Vladimir Mozgin, “Rails - The Philosophy of Good Code”
    The talk will introduce new Rails programmers to the first basic principle of S's object-oriented design - single responsibility. Let us analyze the roles of objects according to areas of responsibility, where and what functionality should be in the project and what to be responsible for. We will also talk about thin controllers and models.

    2) Anton Tkachev, “Growing Personal Professional Value” The
    report will give guests a clear understanding of the business side and the expectations of customers. Participants will learn why metrics for good developer code are often very far from metrics for people who pay for their work. We will also figure out which areas, in addition to programming, should be developed and what to pay attention to. For dessert, let's talk about personal branding.

    3) Michael Stefansky, “Practical React / TypeScript” *
    Why React? Why TypeScript? Common patterns (container / presentational components, handling state in large applications), going mobile - patterns for reusing code between web and native applications (what and when to reuse).
    * The report will be held in English.

    We will present reports, we will answer questions, we will share experience, we will charge for a good end of the week :).

    Date of the meeting : May 25, Friday.
    Time : 19:00, registration starts at 18:45.
    Location : Kharkov, st. Blagoveshchenskaya (former Karl Marx), 1, hub "Factory", 2nd floor
    Cost : free.

    Interesting? Sign up for a Meetup GroupRubyRoars and send RSVP to participate in the meeting .

    Video reports will be published on our YouTube channel . Follow community news on Facebook and Twitter .

    See you!

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