Search engine "Sputnik" will launch its own browser

    The state search engine Sputnik will launch a web browser by the end of summer. Product Development Director Mikhail Kozlov said that the browser will be designed for Russian families. A feature of the new browser will be a security system that runs on other Sputnik products, and access to useful and socially significant services such as pharmacy searches. When the child mode is activated, the browser displays prompting and typo correction services, and the search line automatically switches to the Sputnik.Children search engine, to which more than six thousand sites with safe and interesting content for children are connected.


    To filter content, Sputnik uses its own technologies and data received from partners - Kaspersky Lab, Netoscope project and Roskomnadzor. The League of Safe Internet called the Sputnik search engine the safest search engine for children in Runet.

    On June 18, Sputnik launched a mobile browser , which was downloaded about ten thousand times from Google Play. Sputnik began developing browsers immediately after the beta search engine was launched in May 2014. First they started making a product for smartphones, then for tablets, while working on a browser for personal computers.

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