Firefox 38 will report braking extensions

    Mozilla plans to integrate a notification feature in Firefox about extensions that slow down the browser, much like Internet Explorer does. The feature has already appeared in the alpha version of Nightly , and if everything goes well, it will migrate to the stable release of Firefox 38.

    It works as follows. If the extension exceeds the set limit of consumed resources, a warning appears with three options: disable the extension, ignore this time or ignore it constantly.

    So far, the function is not ripe for adding to the final release. Browsers say that it generates too many warnings, constantly “swears” at Adblock Plus and Multi Links, among others.

    Apparently, in the settings there is even no way to completely disable the notification function, you can only replenish the list of "constantly ignored" extensions.

    In addition to it, the settings allow you to set the scan interval ( browser.addon-watch.interval ) and the maximum limit in percent, upon reaching which notifications are displayed ( browser.addon-watch.percentage-limit ). The percentage limit, perhaps, refers to the level of CPU utilization, although this is not known exactly.

    In any case, if you never want to see such notifications, you can set some very large value for browser.addon-watch.percentage-limit , for example, 25.

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