AppsConf Announcement: 2 days of applied, hardcore and hype reports

    On October 8-9, Moscow will host AppsConf  , a conference devoted to problems in  mobile development and their solution. This will be the third AppsConf, and now we decided to redesign the format and approach the organization from a slightly different angle.

    But first about the important:

    So what has changed ...


    First, not just one day, but two. Secondly, not Skolkovo, but the very center of Moscow, the Infospace site . Thirdly, several parallel tracks and about 60 reports at once . Fourth, a lot of networking and additional activities.


    We are  very strict in choosing reports. You will not lure anyone by promises of the hardcore conference alone, therefore we have identified three main types of performances that we will select in the program.

    1. The same hardcore
      This knowledge you will not get from anyone other than experts invited to our conference.
    2. The applied
      knowledge that you will receive on these reports will be useful to you the very next day.
    3. Hypovs
      You will want to tell your mom and all your friends about this after the first five minutes of the report.


    We have already begun the active preparations for the conference. The Program Committee , consisting of developers of top domestic companies and organizers of large mobile communities, is working on the selection of speakers . And, of course, we already have something to tell about the headliners who have submitted their applications for participation.

    Graham Lee
    Graham lee Legend in the world of iOS development, author of several books on TDD and security, chief architect for Wealth Wizards. Over the past few years, Graham has been exploring the similarities between functional and object-oriented programming, contrasting the sheer simplicity of one over-complexity of another. At AppsConf, Graham is ready to share his findings.

       Maxim Efimov
    Maxim EfimovSoftware engineer from Uber, with experience primarily in  Android development . Most of all she likes to conduct code review, and work on architecture. Maxim plans to talk about how the development processes are built in a company where several hundred mobile developers work on one application.

       Brandon Williams
    Brandon williams Having devoted mathematics to many years of his life, Brandon moved to Kickstarter, where for five years he was responsible for  iOS and Android development. One of his key achievements is the translation of all mobile development into  open source on GitHub . Brandon is currently working on Point-Free , a video blog about Swift and  functional programming.. At the conference, Brandon is ready to talk about synchronization primitives and the use of the type system in Swift in conjunction with  algebra to simplify the work with some data structures.

       Denis Neklyudov
    Denis Neklyudov
    GDE, the center lead of the AndroidDev podcast , speaker of various conferences and the author of several development courses. Denis now works in Singapore at We will leave the topic of the report undisclosed, but it will definitely be something cool.

       Andrey Volodin
    Andrey Volodin GPU engineer at Prisma AI, has been actively working with neural networks in mobile development for the past few years  . Andrew will reveal the topic of machine learningon the client, will show how various tools work under the hood, and explain to whom and how to use it.

    On our site you can constantly monitor what new applications for participation are received in the system. In addition, we will announce new reports accepted in the program in our social networks: Facebook , Vk , Telegram .

    For speakers

    As you already understood, we have opened the acceptance of applications for reports. We will be glad to see both experienced speakers and  beginners , whom we will teach you to correctly submit information and manage the attention of the audience. A set of measures to jointly prepare the perfect presentation with the Program Committee is described in our wiki , and new materials on how to become a great speaker are published in the  Telegram channel "School of Speakers" .

    If you have questions about the topic of the application, or if for some reason you doubt it, feel free to write to Telegram @etolstoy , we will discuss and  help you decide to speak .

    Join now!

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