Telegram online statistics

    Do you like the waiting process? When you need to sit and wait for one of the statistics / analyst / metrics to load ...

    "But everything is fine with us," you will answer. “We have cool specialists, our pages load in fractions of a second, we can even cache.”

    What about mobile internet? When you have to plunge into the past, about 10 years ago, and can you guess the layout elements as you render the page?

    The method described below does not claim to be original, I think that there will be Habrovsk people who have been using it for a long time, I just want to open it to the masses.

    Nowadays, I want to receive information a second ago, maybe in the near future, they will learn how to implant it directly in the brain, who knows ...

    bot show me statistics
    ... ...
    think again, wait again ...

    This approach is used by many, and so are we. But now I want to offer you one option that made my nervous system a little stronger. There are no commands, no expectations, I opened a telegram, I chose the right chat and ... that's it! The data is already there!

    It's simple, one method will save us:


    Guess? Yes that's right:

    1. We create a new chat and add the “right people” and one bot to it.
    2. We wonder how many metrics we need to display. Using the sendMessage method , we create the required number of messages, saving somewhere the message id from the response of this command.
    3. By crown / other magic, we update the metrics by simply editing the message using the editMessageText method , somewhere in my backend.
    4. ??????
    5. Profit!

    In fact, a message can be one, and all metrics can be separated by line breaks, I just like to separate them in separate messages. For example, in the last message I deduce the time of the last update, in order to understand that the data is current.
    The cool thing is that after editing the message, the telegram itself will update everything, and if the phone is connected to the Internet, you will always receive information as quickly as possible.

    Somewhere outside the city, this is sometimes almost the only way to have relevant data.

    And do not forget to add the “right people” before creating a message, since the updated data will not be available to them.

    This is how it looks with us:

    I hope the hack described in the article is useful to someone, all the best!

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