Mail.Ru will hold the first ML-hackathon SmartMail Hack 2018

    Mail.Ru announces its first official machine learning hackathon SmartMail Hack 2018. The event for students of IT specialties will be held from April 20 to 22 at the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group.

    Participants will be asked to break into teams of two to five people and solve three Machine Learning problems: it takes 48 hours. Winners will be announced in three relevant categories. The prize fund for the winning teams is 150 thousand rubles.

    By the terms of the first task, participants will need to build a model for recognizing company logos - similar models can be used to detect phishing emails. The second task is to create a model for recognizing orders from stores, for this a special dataset will be generated. The third task is free: to come up with a new useful Mail.Ru Mail feature, create a working prototype and protect it before the jury.

    The jury will evaluate the correctness and adaptability of the decisions. When choosing a winner in the third nomination, they will also take into account the uniqueness of the idea, its practical applicability and the possibility of implementation.

    In the process of solving, participants will be able to take advantage of the help of mentors - leading ML specialists from Mail.Ru Group. Also at the event, Eduard Tyantov, Head of Machine Learning at, will give a lecture on Face Recognition: From Scratch to Hatch, and Alexander Schus, head of ML teams in antispam and Mail.Ru Mail, with a talk about Smart Reply technology - smart answers.

    Link to register for the hackathon .

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