Electric Polestar 2 - the first electric car with native Android Android OS

    Polestar 2 - the development of Volvo (or rather, a subsidiary of the brand Polestar). This is an electric car, which, according to the developers, has a cruising range of 450 km. Its price is equal to the cost of the Tesla Model 3. Representatives of Polestar also state that the technical characteristics of an electric vehicle are approximately equal to the characteristics of the best electric vehicles of a similar class.

    Now this is the first vehicle on electricity, which works with the Android Auto OS. The project of the operating system is implemented not only by Google, but also by a number of corporation partners. For the first time about this OS it became known in 2014, then it was reported that the car operating system is autonomous, it does not require the use of a smartphone. Then Android Auto was introduced to Google I / O in 2017.

    In 2018, at its event, the corporation demonstrated a working version of the OS on the Volvo XC40. So, on the steering wheel of an electric car appeared a button Google Assistant, which allows you to call the navigator, control the microclimate inside the car, launch media content, etc. I / O participants noted that in general, working with a car operating system resembles the use of an Android tablet. There are notifications, application control center, etc. True, YouTube is removed in order not to distract the driver from the road.

    Previously, the corporation has already participated in the development of software for electric vehicles, but Android Auto is a completely automotive platform.

    As for the electric car, its electric motors develop a power of 400 horsepower. This is a five-door car. Polestar has previously said that the car will go into production a little later this year. The first electric car of the company, Polestar 1, has already gone into production, but only 500 copies will be released. The price of the first model is $ 150,000, despite the fact that it is a hybrid, and not a pure electric car.

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