The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 309 (April 2 - 8, 2018)

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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 47 - Yegor Tolstoy about the front-end complex, Submarine and reforms in Avito
    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue No. 115: New Safari and Chrome, Ruby Sass everything, logical CSS properties, available tables, incorrect classes and const in JS.
    podcastPodcast “Five Minutes React” # 43 - React 16.3
    podcastPodcast “5 minutes of React” # 20 - Jake Archibald: In The Loop (JSConf.Asia 2018)
    podcastPodcast “Devshacht / Night Front End”: No. 29: CodeFest 2018. Day second
    podcastPodcast “Pro WEB IT”, Issue 1 - About constants in JavaScript
    video“ALL YOUR HTML” # 43: “Letters with physics”
    videoJSConf Iceland 2018 , 35 videos

    Web development

    habrRealWorld project: comparing front-end frameworks
    habrWatch out for copy-paste: fingerprinting text with non-printable characters
    How we control the public accessibility of BlaBlaCar
    enAmpBeautiful, interactive canonical AMP pages : an interactive online guide
    enAmpChris Coyer’s latest AMP newsletter
    enNovice in creating letter templates ? Here is the place to start learning
    A weekly selection of beautiful effects on CSS / SVG / JS # 75


    Taming CSS blending modes
    habrSASS: Optimizing media screen
    habrLimiting text length through a gradient
    enClassic Ruby Sass is deprecated, work is stopped on March 26, 2019
    enGrid Layout cheat sheet (pdf)
    enImplementing concave corners on CSS, 2018 techniques years
    enWhy do you do this in CSS? . Chris Koyer on the meaning of the technique of creating images in pure CSS
    • Get rid of the en“grid-” prefixes in the properties of indentation between cells in CSS Grid Layout


    Hybrid neural networks with GPU acceleration in JavaScript
    Creating immutable objects in TypeScript
    enMozilla blog article: JavaScript to Rust and vice versa: wasm-bindgen history


    Chrome extension has been published that replaces potentially dangerous characters with emojis
    Which browser handles password storage best
    Mozilla develops a special version of Firefox Reality browser for virtual reality headsets
    Users are indignant that Chrome scans files on a local drive
    Google has banned the placement of Chrome add-ons c code for mining cryptocurrencies


    Why e-sports are more promising than traditional sports
    Google developers have taught AI to predict patterns
    Reddit redesigned for the first time since 2008
    Improved interface due to trifles: seven tricks for non-designers
    Critical vulnerabilities in Cisco switches and active SMI pose a threat to key infrastructure
    Intel acknowledged that vulnerabilities Meltdown and Specter could not be fixed for a number of processors
    Instagram without warning restricted access to the API for third-party applications

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