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    podcastWeb Standards Podcast, Issue # 155: Patreon's Successes, a11y, and Responsibility for UX, SVG Filters, Screencasts, and Class Fields from ES Mono-Compositories.
    podcastWeb Standards Podcast, Issue # 154: Recognition of the podcast, our Patreon, Christmas tree decorations, safety, Edge, JS neurons, frontend in Italy, why not know normally, Korean heart and champagne splashes.
    podcastDevshakhta Podcast: # 63: New Year release . In the role of the guest - Vadim Makeev

    Web development

    John Muller on the creation of AMP-only sites
    The best static site generators for React in 2019
    enHow much does the creation of sites cost in 2019?
    enStatic Site Boilerplate : tools for creating modern static sites - automated build, local development server, minimization and optimization, as well as the latest standards for static web sites
    enLearn how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication
    enPageSpeed ​​Module: significant increase the speed of your site automatically
    enHow to create snippets for VS Code


    4 CSS chips for every day
    enHow to learn CSS
    enCSS Grid for designers . How New Technology Changes Web Layouts
    enA Simple Guide to CSS Animations
    enFast CSS Auditing and General Notes on Design Systems
    enBackground Gradient on Multiline Text


    videoJavaScript finger throttle implementation - screencast
    videoY-combinator in JavaScript
    What are the dangerous third-party Node.js modules
    enTop frameworks and JavaScript areas to study in 2019
    enStudy modern JavaScript in ten simple ways
    enBackground synchronization with Service Workers
    enAI in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enFBT - Facebook framework for internationalizing user interfaces
      enReadlint - lint all code examples in your README documentation using common configs
      enomniclone - isomorphic and customizable utility for deep copying of objects


    SEO-results of 2018: quality of the site, discrimination of organics and spiders in the bank
    The most important events of 2018
    Stable release of Otter 1.0 web browser with Opera 12 style interface
    Amazon Empire - a list of all divisions of the online giant
    8K, VR and holograms: what will the television of tomorrow be?
    Net Applications: in December 2018, Windows 10 outperformed Windows 7 in terms of desktop OS market share
    MIT: in 2019, the blockchain will become “boring”
    Shareholders results: how the cost of the largest IT companies in the world changed in 2018
    Why 2018 was the worst for Mark Zuckerberg and what it means for the free Internet
    Video: how Microsoft saw technology 2019 in 2009

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