The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 248 (April 2 - April 8)

    Last week we discussed universal links, A / B, UI and Behavior-Driven testing, voice assistants and voice interfaces, Flutter speed and even keyboard developers.

    Universal Links: Pitfall Palace

    With how many mobile applications have given humanity, they at the same time “broken” the Internet. Instead of understandable links to sites that you can copy and share, it became necessary to explain "put such and such an application and go there and there."

    Hidden order in color chaos

    I was lucky at work to do what I love in a strong team with good people. We built and destroyed castles in the air, fought with windmills, implemented, supported and did not worry. Once I wanted to build my castle. Reasoning from different angles, I decided that it would be small, and I will build it myself, it will be a hobby project. There were several ideas, I chose one and started developing, it was a game.

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    • (+16) We are preparing an iOS client for GraphQL
    • (+13) iPhone, don’t lag. Part 1: multithreading for practitioners
    • (+4) Behavior-Driven Testing for iOS using Quick and Nimble
    App Store failure stories
    A / B testing in Firebase: Part 1
    Instagram removed support for Apple Watch
    Progressive Web Apps came on iOS
    How to choose fonts for iOS applications
    imageClassification of natural language on iOS with Keras and CoreML
    imageComplete guide to Continuous Delivery on iOS with fastlane and Jenkins
    imageUIKit Dynamics in real life
    imageHomeButton: returning the button to iPhone X


    • (+10) Not a Dagger'om
    New applications and games in the Android Excellence selection
    Sberteh invites you to free courses on Android development
    imageAndroid Dev Podcast. Issue 60. Test Automation. UI testing
    imageHow to configure YouTube UI player in Android
    imageCustom Rx operators with Kotlin
    imageTrulyHandsfree: always-on keyword recognition without battery consumption
    imageCoroutines and RxJava - asynchronous programming
    imageTeaching Kotlin: an adventure for Android developers
    imageAccess to real-time logs on Android
    imageGenymotion Cloud is now part of the Google Cloud Platform
    imageGlideToVectorYou: SVG download using Glide


    • (+38) Alice, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa. How to write voice assist applications
    • (+19) Why the interface should be accessible to all and how to do it
    • (+17) Taming floating-point numbers. Is it possible to debug shaders for mobile devices on a PC?
    • (+17) Experiments with AR: when C # meets CSS
    • (+16) How I searched for the perfect tool for designing conversational interfaces, or In the search for the Holy Grail
    • (+15) Your first mobile application: choose a platform
    • (+12 ) Alternative approaches to the development of new IT products
    • (+6) How we taught Sailfish OS recognition in Smart Engines
    Checking the speed and performance of applications on Flutter
    Mobile applications for small businesses: The Manifest study
    Why small teams win
    Where The Water Tastes Like Wine: how an indie developer spent 140 thousand dollars on a game and didn’t earn anything
    Amazon opens up a game for developers on the Echo Button
    Keyboards for programmers
    “ Positions mean nothing ”: what is the difference between a developer and an engineer?
    imageDesign system in Dropbox
    imageDetection of objects (almost) in real time: FasterRCNN with code examples
    imageCreate a UI based on wide screens and eyebrows
    imageImmersion in React Native: navigation, offline and push
    image25 туториалов по React Native
    imageВстречайте Overflow: редактор пользовательских потоков
    imageКак превратить идею приложения в реальность
    imageПрототипирование в Sketch

    Аналитика, маркетинг и монетизация

    • (+25) Mobio Talks с Наталией Шагариной (Едадил) о росте продукта, запуске кэшбэк сервиса и партнерстве с Яндекс
    В 2017 на iOS вышло на 29% меньше приложений — первый спад за историю App Store
    Мобильные финансы: приобретение пользователей 2018
    Доходы приложений для расслабления и медитаций выросли на 40% за год
    Аналитика мобильных приложений в 2018
    imageКак постоянно делать доходные инди-игры
    imageGina Gotthilf about the growth of Duolingo to 200 million users of

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+34) How to solve 90% of NLP tasks: a step-by-step guide to natural language processing
    • (+19) Development of AI for a turn-based game on Node.js (part 1 )
    • (+10) MobileNet: smaller, faster, more accurate
    OpenAI holds a competition to create AI for playing Sonic The Hedgehog
    Microsoft launches artificial intelligence courses and a development program for beginners
    • The head of artificial intelligence has moved from Google to Apple
    TensorFlow started supporting Swift and JavaScript
    imageAndrew Ng - 21 deep learning specialization rock
    imageThe battle of deep learning frameworks
    imageHacking a $ 30 IoT camera and expanding its capabilities
    imageimageOpenSimpleLidar: an open project of a cheap lidar

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