Where is the programmer better off? Compare 9 countries

    I bring to your attention a comparison table code-named "Best Country for a Programmer", which I prepared using IT bloggers from different countries. The list includes Germany , USA, Spain , Canada , Australia and Austria , and also added England, Switzerland and the Netherlands to the list.

    In this article, countries were compared by the following parameters:

    1. Salaries of programmers
    2. Taxes
    3. Cost of living
    4. Social security
    5. Development of the IT market

    Also, in our video collaboration on YouTube, every blogger spoke about the opportunities for relocation and the difficulties of integration into a particular country for an IT specialist, but I didn’t figure out how to tabulate these points in a tabular form (see the video links below).

    Do not take everything described in the article as a scientific study, treat the data as sketches of the overall picture.

    At this point, the lyrics end and the numbers begin. * Data for the request “Software Developer / Engineer” was taken from Glassdoor.com, Indeed.com, PayScale.com. * All salaries are converted from local currencies to US dollars at the current rate on March 19, 2018.

    * This is a very simplified table, so I will make a few explanations. All countries on the list use a progressive tax system, which means that the higher the salary, the higher the tax. In Germany, Canada, the USA, and Switzerland, payroll taxes vary by region. Having a spouse, children, having loans, certain expenses, and some other factors in most countries can significantly reduce the rate for taxpayers.

    * In England, an income tax of 20% applies to salaries in the range of 45-150k, with a salary of more than 150k pounds you will have to pay 40% already.

    * For the Netherlands, the table shows the amount of income tax using the “30% rule”, according to which 30% of the salary of a highly qualified foreign specialist is not taxed. The tax on the balance is calculated on a standard scale and in our case is 42%. * The cost of living in different cities is very individual: someone is ready to live in a grandmother’s apartment on the outskirts and there is a “doshirak”, while the other does not agree with a penthouse in the city center. The most objective thing I could come up with was to show you the rating from Numbeo.com , and apply the proposed standard of living index to the average salary obtained in the table above. * Data taken from Startup Rankin website . * In many countries, the IT market is mainly covered by local companies.

    * The table shows the offices of large IT companies not by their presence as such, but by the presence of open IT vacancies (more than 10) and the presence of a development department in this office. * In the USA (in Silicon Valley in particular), IT companies often increase vacation to their employees from the second year. * I added Russia to the table to make it easier for you to compare. Another important point of social security is medicine, but it is rather difficult to reveal it briefly. Of the countries on the list, the best free medical coverage in England, and in the United States, only people with incomes below the established minimum can receive free medical services. IT professionals are paid much more than this minimum.

    If you want to know more about one of the countries, welcome to YouTube channels:

    Germany - Senior Software Vlogger
    Canada - Two In Canoe
    USA - ProgBlog TV
    Spain - Pavel Savinov
    Austria - Austria Online (RuViennaVoice)
    Australia - Sydney Online

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